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Plantar Fasciitis

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Purplecatshopaholic Fri 29-Mar-19 06:57:20

hi all. Got this recently in both feet - I blame the dog walking in old trainers without decent support/padding (never heard of this before or I would have bought new ones!). Those of you who suffer/have suffered, what do you do? The pain is seriously making my ability to walk particularly in the mornings a real issue!

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yearinyearout Fri 29-Mar-19 07:04:01

Have a look online at stretches for plantar, I did them all the time and it did help, along with applying ibuprofen gel. I also bought different trainers with more support at the instep, you can also get insoles but I've never used them.

wasgoingmadinthecountry Fri 29-Mar-19 19:55:35

Roll a golf ball round under your foot. My children got me a little foot roller to do the same with - it has little spikes on.

Not suggesting you're over 40! My dd got it from walking too far in flat shoes!

I have some Skechers flip flops - really squishy bottoms - ugly things but when I was suffering I wore them religiously in the house and they really really helped. Take them with me on holiday etc just in case. It was flat converse and birkenstocks that hurt my feet. Mine was awful last year and I was dreading it staying with me but the Skechers come out at the first little twinge. Friends have also recommended fitflops for the same thing.

Hazlenutpie Fri 29-Mar-19 19:59:03

I use these:

My poor foot is so much better but it takes time.

Jon65 Fri 29-Mar-19 21:09:06

Avoiding very flat shoes like flip flops, plimmos and uggs, and wearing shaped footwear with support helps. I wear croc flip flops 9 months of the year because they have a moulded arch and a half a cm heel, those and chelsea boots are pretty much all i wear now.

HaventGotAllDay Sat 30-Mar-19 06:09:40

Fitflop leather trainers- they're not massive clunky trainers for running- they look more like leather superga iyswim saved my life.
Skechers (which DO look like heavy clunky rainbow brite monstrosities) are the best thing ever- I wear them when not at work. Just wish they were more subtle.

Those gel sole things can go in ordinary shoes.

Mine took about 2 years to go and I still get a twinge early morning or when I stand up after being sat down for a while.

Yogagirl123 Sat 30-Mar-19 06:21:05

I suffer with this on quite a frequent basis.

Was referred to NHS podiatrist, as PF is quite common with my disability.

The PF had caused the arch to drop and my foot to roll over. The advice was to freeze a bottle of water and roll it under my foot to help the pain, stretching exercises, check them out online, and the best thing that has brought me relief is the podiatrist measured me to insoles that support the arch and told me to wear them inside trainers as they support the foot. In wear a Simplex half insole. You can buy them online. Takes a little while to get used to wearing them, so don’t give up. I have had them in my trainers for about 9 mths, made a massive difference to me.

I hope you feel better soon, I know the pain of PF is awful. Good luck.

WhatNow40 Sat 30-Mar-19 08:21:49

All great advice on here. Do the rolling with a ball or frozen water bottle each morning as this will help stretch the tendons out. The insoles are an absolute must and will help long term. You need to wear them in though. Start for an hour a day and build up, otherwise you will feel more pain to begin with and it will impact how likely you are to keep using the insoles!

Buy shoes and trainers that have removable insoles, so that you can put your own in. If you simply put them on top of the existing insole, there is less space in the Shoe for your foot. You then risk damage to your toe joints, hammer toe, callouses etc. Clarks, Hotter and Ecco all do removable insoles.

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