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My Boyfriend Has One Swollen Tonsil

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JasIsak89 Thu 28-Mar-19 12:02:03

Not sure where else to post this so apologies if it's not the right forum

My BF is 39 and hasn't had any health concerns at all over the past few years. We've both been ill with a sinus-like cold for the past few days and I think his heavy coughing/sneezing caused him to tear something inside his throat because the other night he spit of a bit of blood but since then it's been absolutely fine. He said he's suddenly noticed one swollen tonsil which hasn't been there before, it just appeared. He told me the other day that the swelling seems to have gone down but it's been hurting a little bit, he doesn't have any lumps anywhere and he's a bit reluctant to go register at the GP (we've recently moved). I don't want to tell him about tonsil cancer symptoms because I don't want to freak him out unnecessarily and if the swelling is going down, should I be concerned?

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