Strange rash inner arms

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DarjeelingDarling Thu 28-Mar-19 11:57:08

Going to go to Gp but thought I'd just ask here, can't really be bothered as I don't think they'll know either!

A couple of weeks ago I started to get a tiny pin prick raised itchy rash just on the smooth skin on my inner fore arms. It feels both hot and cold but I sort of do all over at times and it looks faintly like the rash my son got with scarlet fever (I had a touch on my chest too) a few years ago. It's been coming and going. I've had some issues waking up in the night feeling hot and achey or slightly sun burnt. It seemed to calm down a bit but is bad today.

Don't feel at all ill but have been feeling a tad dizzy at times. A few days before it first started I felt very tired and washed out after going swimming for a hour (with my son so wasn't swimming a lot!)

I started Fostair 3 months ago but had been fine. On thyroxine and am breastfeeding.

No idea if any of the symptoms are related or not, I'd wondered if aches etc are hormone related as I'm 42, periods haven't returned yet.

It's calmed down a bit in the picture but the tiny raised lumps are never there. It's not kp as I can have that badly on upper arms and legs and it's burny itchy.

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DarjeelingDarling Thu 28-Mar-19 12:13:12

And it's just flared again, better picture

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SnugStars Thu 30-Jan-20 12:54:01

Did you find out what it was OP? I’ve suddenly developed something similar.

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