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Block braces

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TheFunkyFox Wed 27-Mar-19 21:52:00

Hi! Just looking for some advice. Been to first orthodontist appointment with Dd (11) today. She has an overbite of 12mm so will need blocks before braces. He said she would only need them evenings and in bed, for 18 hours a day. Would she need top and bottom ones? I didn’t think to ask! Could she keep them in all the time instead do you think?

I honestly am dreading it. She’s such a wuss and is massively stubborn. She won’t take tablets etc yet and she was prescribed spray for her nose (allergies) and she took it once and completely refused again. No amount of bribing worked!

We’ve watched a few YouTube videos to prepare!

She has them fitted in 4 weeks. Eeekkkk!

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ColeHawlins Wed 27-Mar-19 21:57:21

* I honestly am dreading it. She’s such a wuss and is massively stubborn. She won’t take tablets etc yet and she was prescribed spray for her nose (allergies) and she took it once and completely refused again. No amount of bribing worked!*

Honestly? I wouldn't do it to a child like that. They HURT.

Disclaimer: I'm not a dentist.

TheFunkyFox Wed 27-Mar-19 21:59:07

She 100% needs them. She knows that she does so I’m praying hard 😩

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Meet0nTheledge Wed 27-Mar-19 21:59:34

Mine has had them for about 6 months, they are top and bottom because that's how they work, when the mouth is shut they interlock to pull the jaw forward. She was told to wear them 20 hours a day, so they come out for eating, swimming, singing, hockey but that's all really. They were uncomfortable for the first couple of days at tye start and after adjustment every 10 weeks but fine otherwise. The biggest issue has been not losing them when they are out, we've had a few close calls.

LucyLastik Wed 27-Mar-19 22:05:47

My DD has them in from July 17 to March last year for an 11 min overbite. They did work but she found them awful for the first 2 weeks. Day 3 was definitely the worst. Make sur you pick up some orthodontic wax because they will rub.

She's just (today!) had her top and bottom fixed braces removed. Less than 2 years from start to finish. She's got fixed retainers on the top and bottom and is now wearing plastic retainers for the next 3 months.

She did want to give up. She was in pain but as of today she has beautiful straight teeth which meet perfectly. She's not regretting it now!

PooFlower Wed 27-Mar-19 22:08:42

Dd, very difficult, demand avoidant, adhd and sensory issues had these between 11 and 13.
They were uncomfortable but she did really well with them. She was supposed to wear them 24/7 but later admitted to me that she used to take them out at school and put them in her pocket.
They worked fantastically well and she now has beautiful teeth. She had them for 18 months top and bottom before moving to fixed breaks.
The main issues we had was dd repeatedly broke them as she used to flick them in and out.
They are in two pieces top and bottom and must be worn together. Dd saw results very quickly and I think that helped her to persevere with them.
I would really recommend them they worked like magic.

Ribeebie Wed 27-Mar-19 22:13:31

I had these. They are top and bottom but I had to wear them all the time. Because of the blocks they are quite bulky and my speech was impaired initially until I got used to them.

They are painful for the first few days and eating is painful so tasty soft foods are good. My mum used to buy me some New York cheesecake each time my braves were adjusted as a treat I could actually eat!

I wore mine for about a year I think. Then I have fixed upper and lower braces then a retainer. My teeth are lovely and straight now (I had an overbite similar sized to your DCs).

Overall they are sore to start with - it's good she doesn't have to wear them at school so speech wont be as much of an issue as it was for me (it was awful having to try and answer maths questions in year 8 the day after I had them fitted!) BUT - they are totally worth it. I'd do it again if I had to.

onsen Wed 27-Mar-19 22:20:16

DD had them up until about a month ago, for 13 months in total. They really weren't that bad, and she wore them 24 hours a day for the first three or four months, then evenings only after that.

The first few days weren't fun, but she got used to it, and always took them out to eat.

The good thing was that they really worked very quickly, and her overbite was gone within 6 months, after that it was really just to make sure that the change was permanent.

Fixed braces - which she's just gone onto - are more painful and much more of an imposition.

TheFunkyFox Sat 30-Mar-19 10:18:48

Really upset for Dd sad
Just checked her phone (like I do every few days) and she told her “best friend” about them and the friend just put

“😂😂😂 sorry but they are really ugly”

She’s constantly making comments to Dd but this is abit far!

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TeenTimesTwo Sat 30-Mar-19 10:27:59

Is she primary or secondary? That friend is disgraceful.
By y9 half the year group will have braces, you are almost left out by not having them.

DD2 is 18 months through treatment. 6 months normal braces, 6 months block, and now 6 months on fixed braces with another 6-12 months to go. DD has always kept everything in 24hrs, the orthodontist said the most benefit is when she eats as that's when the muscles are working most (or something).

The blocks were the 'worst' part, as there is a constant push on the jaw, but DD2 survived fine after the first few days.

I guess at this point you are committed, otherwise I would suggest delaying a year to let her mature a bit (and find more supportive friends).

Lots of sympathy when she gets them fitted. Calpol. Soft food that doesn't need chewing eg collage pie for the first few days. I'd look at keeping them in permanently. She'll get used to them faster and won't 'forget' to put them in when she gets home from school. And they'll work faster too.

Hoppahouse Sat 30-Mar-19 11:00:43

My dd had block braces for over a year when she was y6. She was supposed to wear them day and night, but she refused, so just wore them at night. The overbite reduced dramatically. She then had a fixed brace for 18 months and now has beautiful teeth! It's worth it in the end 😁

TheFunkyFox Sat 30-Mar-19 11:31:28

Thank you both!

She’s year 6, friend is year 5. She’s a horrible friend tbh and I wish Dd would ditch her, but she lives literally next door so it’s not possible 😩

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