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Advice for constant low level chronic pain?

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Whynotdance Wed 27-Mar-19 06:56:29

I hurt my back about 14 months ago. I have had MRIs and scans which have shown some compression and sign of inflammation. I have been doing physio for a long time, and have had a couple of steroid injections which have had no impact. It hurts almost every day, sometimes all day, sometimes just a couple of hours. I'm struggling to find an exercise which doesn't cause pain.

I was just wondering if anyone has experience of mild chronic pain (I can get out of bed, live my life etc.)? After 14 months, and failed injections, it is starting to get me down. I am trying to build strength but it's a long process (doing exercises provided by physio)...any tips for how to get through it? I've tried accupuncture (no effect) and am also trying remedial massage. I already did yoga and Pilates. I think one of the main reasons I feel low is that I've tried to do all the right things for such a long time and yet has had no effect on the pain. Anyone had anything similar?

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