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9mo waking up with one eye closed

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margoandjerry Wed 11-Jul-07 11:32:48

Can anyone help? This has happened a few times. When my daughter wakes up her left eye is sort of closed - it's not red or puffy or weeping or anything but it looks like the eyelid is drooping down. Over the course of the day it sort of opens up again.

It doesn't happen every day but it has happened 4 times now.

My thoughts are:

- allergy (but it's only one eye and there's no redness or itching or anything)
- nerve damage (is she sleeping on her side and trapping the nerve?)
- something else?

I'm slightly panicking over this as my mother has an auto immune disease related to vasculitis and one of the symptoms is her eyelid swells over one eye and she gets double vision. But I feel if I go to the dr he'll dismiss it as one of those baby things.

foxinsocks Wed 11-Jul-07 11:34:28

nah, go to the doctor. Get a morning appointment so they can see it.

Biglips Wed 11-Jul-07 11:35:25

yes def the docs

margoandjerry Fri 13-Jul-07 10:19:57

Thanks for the advice. Took her to the drs yesterday who was reasonably dismissive (as predicted...) but I insisted on a referal which I got - to an opthalmologist. Amazingly they had a cancellation so I got seen the same day (with private health obviously ).

They were really concerned about it and told me that there was nothing wrong with her eyes but that her eyelid did appear to be drooping which meant it could be neurological and the next step was brain scans. Most horrible moment of my life.

Anyway, finally we saw the chief opthalmologist who looked at the photos I'd taken and said he was 99% certain it wasn't neurological as her eyelid was not really drooping but more closed. Drooping = possible tumour, closed = inflammation apparently. I trusted her - they were lovely and my gut feeling says she's right.

I don't know how I didn't cry.

She said if it happens again I have to get an emergency paediatrician appointment but she was confident it wouldn't. Today the baby is fine. I, however, am a wreck.

Thanks for your advicexxx

Biglips Sat 14-Jul-07 08:57:59

phew!.....margo....well thats good to hear. So youre just waiting to see if it will open properly and where there any medicence (sp?) to give to your baby?

margoandjerry Sat 14-Jul-07 21:19:57

Biglips, thanks for asking. Her eyes are totally back to normal now - no medicine required. Phew.

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