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Taking Acyclovir for chicken pox - side effects?

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rosealbie Wed 11-Jul-07 11:14:41

I just wondered if anyone had any experience of children taking Acyclovir in relation to exposure to chicken pox. Were there any side effects?

MaryBS Wed 11-Jul-07 22:15:05

DS took it last year, he was 4 at the time, caught it at the same time as DH (hence the meds). He never had any side effects. Similarly when DD (6) caught it a week later, she took it without any side effects

Elibean Wed 11-Jul-07 22:33:08

I took it in relation to something else, with no side effects. Good luck re the CP!

rosealbie Fri 13-Jul-07 16:45:19

Thanks for the replies. It just seems such a lot of medicine to take - I picked up 5 bottles from the pharmacy. Anyway, dd doesn't seem to mind the taste which is a good thing.

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