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Another cancer scare

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TheSheepofWallSt Mon 25-Mar-19 19:06:42

Just had one last year (cervix) and was diagnosed with CIN2. Had lletz and awaiting 6 month follow up.

Now it’s a mole. It appeared in the middle of my back 3 years ago when I was pregnant. Took it to the GP, who referred me to the dermatologist when DS was 6mo, who said no concerns and sent me away saying “come back if it changes”.

Well it’s slowly grown over the past 2 years... itches intermittently and has raised up. I saw a GP a year ago who measured it and said it’s fine.

I saw a GP 3 weeks ago who said the same but would refer me to a specialist GP.

I saw the specialist GP on Friday who was physically aghast I hadn’t been referred sooner/ directly to fast track and said i needed an urgent referral.

I’m at the skin clinic first thing on Wednesday - he literally couldn’t have moved any faster.

I’m terrified. I’m a LP, and I know this is catastrophising but there’s nobody I trust to have DS if I die. I can’t afford to be sick.

And it’s been there for 3 years, itching and bothering me the whole time. I can’t see how it can be benign.

Sorry I know I’m panicking, but I can’t help it. I AM panicked. I just needed to vent- DS is 2.5, and I can’t leave him alone. I can’t.

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Somethingsosimple Tue 26-Mar-19 21:50:41

Many moles change over time and most are not cancer. Some become itchy too. The fact that it has changed slowly is a good sign. I really hope you can get some reassurance tomorrow. If the mole does need to be removed and they find cancer again I have 2 friends who have had melanomas and they were easily treated and remain well. Please let us know how you get on.

Alwaysnamechangingx Thu 28-Mar-19 20:44:50

Any news op? Hope you're ok

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