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If you had surgery to fix a deviated septum, how long were you off?

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BlingLoving Mon 25-Mar-19 09:41:29

Someone I work with is having this done in a couple of weeks and has said he can't work for 2 weeks after. He works 3 days a week, and has his DC two days a week so his DW is taking 4 days off to look after the DC on his days as he can't. I feel like this is excessive, but not sure if I'm just being mean?

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lennonj Mon 25-Mar-19 18:51:47

I had it done and you have to have 2 weeks off work and stay away from too many people to avoid risking infection. Can you imagine getting a cold when you've had an operation inside your nose?!

Goodgriefisitginfizzoclock Mon 25-Mar-19 22:14:11

I had this done in 1996, if I recall was off one week. Had it done in summer so I guess less colds around, think mainly because I looked a bit battered!

cstaff Mon 25-Mar-19 22:23:50

I read your title as a deviated stepmums grin. Sorry OP but because of the bad press stepmums get I thought it was funny.

gobbin Mon 25-Mar-19 22:27:19

You’re being mean. People are not machines to be flogged. Much better to be fully well and fighting fit on return rather than having to drag a sorry arse over the threshold followed by mediocre performance due to pain or discomfort.

Speaking as someone who’s had loads of surgery and an employer who treated me well (and got 110% effort on return as a result).

CherryPavlova Mon 25-Mar-19 23:20:52

My son has had surgery twice. Day surgery each time and back at work the following day.

SmellsLikeAdultSpirit Mon 25-Mar-19 23:35:41

I was signed off for a month. I dripped blood for the first week or so
It was revolting

Ginger153 Mon 25-Mar-19 23:52:33

It's not a fun op in any way. I couldn't wear my specs for months. I was bruised, swollen and in pain and didn't want to see a soul. If I remember (it was more than a decade ago) there was a lot of rest and icing my face etc too. I was banned from doing anything that raised my blood pressure to prevent bleeding etc. Give your colleague the benefit of the doubt here.

BlingLoving Tue 26-Mar-19 10:23:02

thanks all. I've completely conceded that my rather dim view of him has impacted my thinking on this. Sounds like if anything, he might struggle even after the two weeks are up!

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Ginger153 Tue 26-Mar-19 19:54:27

Sadly fixing a wonky nose doesn't fix dimness wink

BlackSatinDancer Tue 26-Mar-19 23:02:11

I had this surgery in 1996 and was told to have 3 weeks off to avoid infection. I expected to be battered and bruised but there wasn't a mark on my face. I felt a fraud for having so much time off as I felt very well after a couple of days.

I had to have a camera up my nose last year to look at my throat though and they found a hole in my sceptum shock

BlackSatinDancer Tue 26-Mar-19 23:03:43

Oops. Septum not sceptum.

CaptainSquirrel Tue 26-Mar-19 23:05:07

Two weeks off for me. Took me a good few days just to come out of the anaesthetic fug and actually the aftercare that you do yourself is pretty grim and not something you'd want to be engaged in in a work bathroom.

mineofuselessinformation Tue 26-Mar-19 23:07:03

I had an infection after - otherwise was fine, but I needed a couple of weeks off work for it.

mineofuselessinformation Tue 26-Mar-19 23:08:18

And just to add, I've found (after 10+ operations - I've lost count) the anaesthetic takes me about two weeks to fell normal anyway.

ems137 Tue 26-Mar-19 23:11:20

The 2 weeks off was more than enough for me although I didn't have a very physical job though.

I felt bartered and bruised for 1 week and then the anaesthetic made me feel weak and sick for a few more days after that

Mememeplease Tue 26-Mar-19 23:14:47

I had other problems sorted in my nose as well as my deviated septum but I remember it being much worse than I anticipated. I thought I'd be ok after a week as I'd recovered well from other surgeries on different body parts. I wasn't ok for much longer.

NigellaAwesome Tue 26-Mar-19 23:30:26

I've had 4 ent surgeries, and they are very very painful. The last one I visited friends too soon and really set back my recovery. I would say 2 weeks as a minimum.

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