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tempiture stayn at 33.8c

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xxjorgiexx Mon 25-Mar-19 05:31:09

Constant tired from morning to night very pale tempiture stayn at 33.8c shes 5 .

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QuestionableMouse Mon 25-Mar-19 05:40:18

That's really low if it's correct. She needs to be seen and at this time of day a&e is going to be your best option. Tell them you're concerned about sepsis.

Bluemascara4 Mon 25-Mar-19 05:41:36

Another vote for A&E.

Imacliche Mon 25-Mar-19 05:56:37

Thats an a&e trip. Check your thermometer on you first to make sure its right. How are you taking the temp?

littlemissalwaystired Mon 25-Mar-19 06:19:24

Another vote for checking your own temperature then taking her to A&E. I don't mean to alarm you but a low temperature can be a sign of sepsis.

SD1978 Mon 25-Mar-19 06:23:01

For how long? A cold sepsis is very unusual, and a temperature for over 12 hours that hasn't developed into anything more sever also makes it highly unlikely. Do skin to skin with her, best and most comforting way to increase temperature. Is she drinking? Responding? And if it's been that long, have you tried to get a GP appt? I really wouldn't jump to cold sepsis- it's a bit of a leap from what you've said here.

QuestionableMouse Mon 25-Mar-19 13:35:10

How's she doing op?

Kittykat93 Mon 25-Mar-19 18:10:12

Get her medical attention, not advice from an Internet forum. No one here can diagnose your sick child

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