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Can someone tell me if this is hives??

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Mamioftwo Sat 23-Mar-19 22:58:03

So I woke up 2 nights ago itching and with rashes all over my body. I don't have any known allergies, and haven't done or been anywhere out of the ordinary. The second morning it got worse and spread to my face. My face, and my arms are swollen. And it's itchy everywhere! I went to the doctors today and he said it could be allergies or because of high levels of stress.. so helpful 🙄 ..
anyway I got prescribed steroids. I'll start taking them tomorrow, but I'd like to know if anyone has had a similar rash and what helped relieve the itchiness etc..

I've attached some pictures. I've also got lots of small whitehead like pimples around my nose and it's spreading around my mouth.

Thank you!!

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HennyPennyHorror Sun 24-Mar-19 03:08:39

My DD got something very similar when I changed my laundry powder. Have you done that? Or have you slept in a hotel or someone else;s bed?

Weenurse Sun 24-Mar-19 03:24:02

Try an anti histamine to see if that helps

BlackPrism Sun 24-Mar-19 03:37:38

Yup hives. DP has Euticaria and I have eczema - new washing powder or household cleaner etc can cause it. Take 2-3 'one-a-day' antihistamines and you'll be alright

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