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Roaccutane / accutane

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Shaytoon Sat 23-Mar-19 22:08:16

Any one any experience of this? I'm on about month 5 (2-3 months to go) and I have to keep reminding myself how worth it this is, but the side effects are really starting to test me!!

Anyone else in the same boat?
Or can tell me how they did it and it was worth it and I definitely shouldn't just quit now and have a tantrum??....

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Troton Sun 24-Mar-19 07:51:49

Is it working for you? What dose are you on? I’m on 20mg a day with very minimal side effects but it’s 95% cleared my skin.
Trouble is I feel very doubtful it will have a long term effect

Shaytoon Sun 24-Mar-19 09:55:16

I'm on 70 a day which is my Max dosage I think. Debating taking it down but I think maybe just try and get it done asap will be best.

This is my second attempt as well so I'm really hoping this is it!

I'm just so sore constantly in about 10 different ways! I was fine until a few weeks ago, just dryness and a split lip, but now, omg!

How come you don't think it'll work?

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Troton Sun 24-Mar-19 11:22:10

Wow that’s a really high dose poor you no wonder you feel awful. Were you on such a high dose last time and did it work long term?
I’ve been on 20mg before for a few months and once I finished my skin stayed clear only for about a year then it all came back.
They’ve said to stay on 20mg for about a year but I’ve decided I stay on only for 6 months as we want to ttc in the near ish future and I’m worried about being on it so long so I’d like to have at least 6 months off it before we start ttc.
I don’t think I could cope with a higher dose then 20mg to be honest!

Shaytoon Sun 24-Mar-19 22:32:24

I didn't quite finish the course last time! I was a teenager and got a bit moody and down so they took me off it - fear of me being suicidal.
I was far from from it but I think covering their arses with me being so young. Looking back I think I was just a bit hormonal like every other 17 year old.
It stayed away for a few years and then slowly started getting worse again.

You have to hit like a set amount that's calculated by your weight, so i wanted to go in as high as possible for as little time as possible! I was advised to be off it for a year before ttc as well so I thought the quicker I could be done the better. They said I could get through it in 5 months (first month at 35mg though) - I'm on month 5 now but they just told me I'd probably need another 2 months 😭😭
I don't think the year wait is a solid rule though
Has your Dr said anything about it?

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Troton Mon 25-Mar-19 07:11:28

Ahh no that must have been so annoying that you thought you’d finished and now you’ve got another two months. Did they say why you’ve got to do another two months? Is your skin clear now?
I was told that official advice is not to get pregnant for one month after finishing but they recommend three months for peace of mind. Wonder why you’ve been told one year...I’ve never heard that and I’ve seen various different dermatologists. I suppose it’s good to err on the side of caution though. I would worry about getting pregnant being off it for three months hence I’ve decided to leave it 6 months.
They didn’t mention anything to me about getting to a certain dose based on your weight but I had heard about that before.

Troton Mon 25-Mar-19 07:13:52

By the way what have you tried before roaccutane and did anything work? How severe was your acne? Mine is “moderate” (but I think it’s awful!) and antibiotics do work for me but I’ve taken them for 10 years !!! Benzoyl peroxide also worked for a while but then I seemed to become ridiculously sensitive to it

Shaytoon Mon 25-Mar-19 10:20:07

Oh strange! It's good to know the official advice is a month though!

I'd tried everything, about 4/5 different tablets, face washed etc they give then I'd tried non medical stuff like constant facials, every single spot fighting treatment ever etc.

Mines moderate too, but I've got some v sexy bacne that was my main issue really, just sick of being my age and not being able to wear certain clothes or anything.

Now I'm still getting a few spots a month, but the rest of my skin is so smooth and perfect. They said it's normal to need a bit more time, particularly when you have acne in more than one area.

How is your skin now? Did you see an impact when you started taking it?

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Troton Mon 25-Mar-19 13:03:04

It’s soul destroying isn’t it trying all these different things for acne and they don’t make a difference or they help for a bit then stop.
Totally know what you mean it’s so unfair dealing with acne as an adult I’m almost 30 and I think it’s actually worsened throughout my twenties.
I have some on my back and chest but it’s worst on my face.
It flared up the first few weeks I started isotretinoin which was hard. Now I’m getting a couple of much smaller spots at a time. My forehead and cheeks are smooth and clear but my chin still looks quite congested under the skin if that makes sense.
I also seem to have developed a bit of rosacea. My chin and cheeks are quite red.
But I’ll take that over big cystic pus filled spots!

Letitbegin Tue 26-Mar-19 23:44:40

I was on this for 8 months a few years ago. On a low dose because it made my throat so dry I was having coughing fits and had a horse voice. My skin really dried out on it all over my body. My lips were so bad and scabby. I didn't see the best results until I was near the end and then came off it. Has clear skin for 3 years. I'm having another baby skin is bad again so would like to go back on it at some point. Stick at it will be worth it in the end smile

Ti0101001001100101d Wed 27-Mar-19 22:44:18

Thanks! Good to hear your skin stayed clear! Do you think after you have your baby your skin will go back?

Good to know everyone else is on a low dose!! I feel better almost about the fact that I'm struggling!!

Letitbegin Wed 27-Mar-19 23:51:35

I'm not sure if it's hormones from being pregnant or just my skin is bad again but my spots aren't as bad as before the roacutane they were like big cysts/boils now it's lots of small spots. I'd just love to not have to worry about my skin anymore it's embarrassing I feel like people are always looking at my spots.

Troton Thu 28-Mar-19 08:28:36

I think the prescribing to trend for roaccutane is much more commonly lower rather than high dose now. It seems to be equally effective in terms of clearing acne but I believe most research still supports higher dose is better for long term remission. So - pros and cons!

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