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Fracture of the humerus

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bananaskin123 Fri 22-Mar-19 22:45:14

DH who has mobility problems with his legs managed to fall today. We got him up and he had excruciating pain in his shoulder. Went to A&E had an xray and the orthopaedic doctor confirmed it was a fracture of the humerus and there was no way it could be plastered because its too high up.
She's given him a sling and co-codymol and said it would take approx six weeks to mend and we'd be seen in the fracture clinic.
Any tips from anyone. He is in agony but I suppose its to be expected. Are there better/easier slings than the NHS one we have.

Any advice for getting through the next six weeks appreciated.

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sebashocked Sat 23-Mar-19 15:57:13

I found sleeping sitting up on the sofa with a nest of cushions was the way to go for the first couple of weeks and keeping the sling on all the time, even during the night to avoid any inadvertent (horrifically painful) movements. Not sure which sling he has been given - there's one which is almost corset-like which keeps your hand up against the collar bone or just a normal one which allows more movement. The first gives more support but makes it impossible to use your hand on the injured side and can mean you suffer more stiffness.

sebashocked Sat 23-Mar-19 16:30:59

Oh and don't even bother attempting to use clothes which have to go over your head. Shirts and cardigans - bad arm first- with someone helping.

Lara96 Sat 23-Mar-19 16:37:20

Message deleted by MNHQ as it was posted in the wrong place.

Prequelle Sat 23-Mar-19 16:39:44

lara every ward that she goes on will need to be notified, in cases like this we put it on big letters on our handover sheets to remind staff especially the ward clerk

There isn't anywhere on system notes to store something like that it would just get lost in all the info

drspouse Sat 23-Mar-19 16:41:57

At least he isn't a bra wearer (I assume).
Elasticated trousers.
Bar soap and solid shampoo for one handed showering.
And do the physio, as often as they tell you to.

Lara96 Sat 23-Mar-19 16:47:55

They wouldn’t know the ward so what if I spoke to someone at either A & E or the main switchboard.

Prequelle Sat 23-Mar-19 16:54:48

Switchboard shouldn't know about any patients. I would just let a&e know

Lara96 Sat 23-Mar-19 16:56:29

Thank you I will speak to A & E and see if they can make a note of it.

Nat6999 Mon 25-Mar-19 03:34:42

My later partner broke his numerous, just above his elbow so he could be potted up. We got told it's the most painful bone in the body to fracture, he slept sat on the sofa with a footstool for the first 6 weeks until they reduced his plaster down to a brace that went from armpit to elbow with wings so he couldn't rotate his arm. He had to have Oramorph for the first month, would have been better to be pinned & plated but due to being hospital phobic he refused.

Pythonesque Mon 25-Mar-19 14:23:53

I had a high humerus fracture when I was 12; we found that keeping my arm in a sling close to the body with my hand near my neck, and most clothing over the top, was the most comfortable.
I guess you're probably being seen in the fracture clinic today - hope it is helpful.

bananaskin123 Thu 28-Mar-19 16:25:39

Just wondered if anyone could offer any further advice re DH's fractured humerus. We went to the fracture clinic on Tuesday who checked him over. They are arranging a CT scan because I think they were quite horrified when they saw the extent of the bruising although they said that could be because of the aspirin he is on. We're seeing them again on Monday which will only be 10 days since the injury, however although he's wearing the splint since we were seen his hand is really quite swollen ie its difficult to see the knuckles. Fingers are also swollen a bit compared to the good hand. Bruising is also showing down the arm now as though its finally coming out. Just wondered if the swelling is anything to worry about. Trying to encourage him to do a few exercises we were shown. Anyone unfortunate enough to have had the same injury did the swelling happen to you too.

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Nat6999 Thu 28-Mar-19 16:57:01

My late partners was terribly bruised still at 6 weeks, most of the bruising was on his forearm. The consultant said that it was because of the position he was in the cast. It took 12-16 weeks for all the bruising & swelling to settle down.

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