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What the fudge is this rash?

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DerelictWreck Fri 22-Mar-19 09:34:02

Have woken up with this very sore rash on one foot. It looks like it starts on the sole and then has spread up and around the inside of the foot to the top. Feels a bit like nettle stings, but can't be. Any ideas?

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DerelictWreck Fri 22-Mar-19 12:45:30


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Tulipvase Fri 22-Mar-19 18:33:59


MacavityTheDentistsCat Fri 22-Mar-19 18:42:55

Dishydrotic exzema?

DerelictWreck Fri 22-Mar-19 21:25:21

I've not had either of those before, so it's possible but I'm not sure!

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DerelictWreck Fri 22-Mar-19 21:26:13

Oops posted too soon - it's not bothered me all day until now that I've taken my shoes and socks off - stinging/itching like a bitch.

Have put antihistamine cream on, but that seems to have angered it if anything!

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Jamhandprints Fri 22-Mar-19 21:27:50

Could be shingles, have you felt unwell?

DerelictWreck Sat 23-Mar-19 16:21:12

No I've felt fine. It's really hurting now, can't even get my shoe on

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MorningsEleven Sat 23-Mar-19 16:32:52

It's the bloody shingles. 48 hours from now you'll be less itchy but probably want to do a murder. You'll be too tired to actually do one by then.

MacavityTheDentistsCat Sun 24-Mar-19 18:48:17

How are you Derelict? Any closer to a diagnosis?

DerelictWreck Sun 24-Mar-19 21:15:07

Still no idea - rash there but no worse/better. Might try and pop into a pharmacy tomorrow and ask them.

Interestingly out antihistamine cream on seems to anger it, but even when left alone it bloody hurts. Feels like a massive bruise or something when I try and put a shoe on

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BlackPrism Sun 24-Mar-19 23:13:10

Urticaria? Looks like DPs

Lilao Sun 24-Mar-19 23:20:59

Where in the country are you?

Could it be a Blandford Fly bite? Mine come up like this and once disturbed itch ALOT, but before this feel like a bad bruise.

It's the time of year for them at the moment but they're only in a few areas.

DerelictWreck Mon 25-Mar-19 13:41:56

I'm in London Lilao.

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Tulipvase Mon 25-Mar-19 22:19:16

Isnt it a bit early for the blandford fly?

Have you been walking around in shoes that are likely to allow an insect bite?

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