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Need a moan! Post fibroid removal / myomectomy

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lottiegirl Fri 22-Mar-19 06:54:07

Had day surgery yesterday for a fibroid removal ( myomectomy). Hubby taken 2 days off to look after me!? He has been whingeing about a sore throat since Monday . He has been to work, no temp, no white patches on throat, eating drinking well.
Fast track to yesterday ending up staying 11 hours in unit iv drip, bladder catheter uterine catheter . They couldn’t find the mirena coil that I had in December during hysteroscopy so haven’t put a new one in . Have to have X-ray first . It probably came out in Feb when I had excessive bleeding / flooding and was diagnosed post that with anaemia and low ferritin levels . Been bleeding cont since August barr the odd day
OH ate meal last night I wasn’t hungry, in pain- he ate cheese and f*ing crackers - since then he has coughed, talked in sleep/ snored . Woke up 4 times to whine about his sore throat . Helped himself to my painkillers got a drink for just himself- spilt cup of water in doorway no towel to soak it up! Put cable in door way to watch tv - trip hazard for me shuffling to toilet . He is back to sleep like a baby leaving me disturbed and awake for last hour ! I’ve looked again at his throat - no swelling hardly red .Wish he was going to work today and I could just rest .
He did all this in December with a cold when I was having hysteroscopy procedure and last May, he had a cough when I had a gallstones episode !
He announced at 3 am he was going to get the “snippy snip” no way!! - he can’t cope with a sore throat - never mind his bits being sorted ( mind you I could do it for him right now!!! )

He did buy me flowers and keeps saying he is here to look after me! Grrrrr!!

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