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Gastroscopy and Candida anyone had this?

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kissmelittleass Thu 21-Mar-19 20:25:32

Gastroscopy showed Candida in esophagus and mild gastritis, anyone had this found on gastroscopy?

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nellyitsme Fri 22-Mar-19 09:44:05

Hi hope you're ok - what were your symptoms and what's your treatment plan? I suffer with digestive problems I get fungal overgrowth and IBS and I've had a few bouts of gastritis plus wind and gurgling.

I went to my GP with acid reflux and what feels like and difficulty sometimes when swallowing food. I had a gastroscopy 4 weeks ago at hospital and the initial diagnosis was an inflamed oesophagus and they thought I may have an ulcer there too. and they took biopsies. They gave me Omeprazole and sent me away with an advice sheet. I go back 2 in weeks time for another endoscopy to check it again to get my results. Theres no cancer thankfully - my big fear.

I've been following all the advice I can find and cutting out carbs and over processed food and eating loads of live yogurt and kefir

I'm wondering if they'll find something like Candida or helicobacter pylori as my mum had that years ago.

kissmelittleass Fri 22-Mar-19 11:26:30

Hi, thanks nelly sounds like you're having a worrying time too.
My symptoms are on going for a long time, many years! It all started with random tummy pains very painful, bloating,wind, awful pains if I miss a regular eating time. Still have these symptoms but then about 4ish years ago I started getting acid reflux, chest pains, lots of burping, night time acid with horrible taste in mouth in morning.
I have to sleep up right as much as I can, also get burning feeling in throat and esophagus.
The gastritis was diagnosed with gastroscopy, told it was mild and was put on the PPI drugs for 4 weeks. Must say after finishing the PPI drugs the gastritis pain comes back every now and then, was actually up till 2 am this morning with awful pains under left rib. Nightmare!
Have cut out loads of foods, seem private dietician because I was discharged from hospital after diagnosis with no after care plan just told to take tablets prescribed!
How long have your symptoms been going on? I try not to worry too much but hard sometimes! Barrett syndrome was a huge worry but thank god it wasn't mentioned on report.
Long post sorry!

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kissmelittleass Fri 22-Mar-19 11:30:33

The Candida was seen on camera and biopsies were taken to confirm. Apparently Candida so I've read is the cause of most acid reflux, ibs and other tummy problems. How did you know you had a overgrowth? Where was your overgrowth?

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nellyitsme Fri 22-Mar-19 12:57:26

@kissmelittleass My sympathies it's an awful thing to have. I hope you get it sorted out out. They were quite good at my hospital although a bit rushed. I went to my GP for the biopsy results and she explained it all to me and was very reassuring.

I've had symptoms since my teens. I used to wonder why I'd got pain in my abdomen and suffered from constipation - stress always goes to my stomach! I get the burping and seem to choke easily - I've only got to swallow the wrong way and I'm off spluttering. I feel like my whole digestive system from one end to the other is out of sorts. The fungal overgrowth shows up in me as thrush, a coated tongue, flakey red skin in my scalp and ears and I also get athletes foot and eczema on my fingers - my brother and sister get similar, and my mum. It seems to be worse if I'm eating too much sugar and over processed foods, I also cut out bread
Stress seems to exacerbate things with me eg I was on jury service before Xmas and halfway through got an attack of gastritis- I couldn't take time off so ate loads of live yogurt and took ginger capsules and it eased a bit. Up til Xmas we'd been having building work done at home and hasn't got a working kitchen for a while so relied on ready meals and takeaways I got where my stomach protested against them all. I think this is why it's all flared flared up so bad recently. Some people say these things are caused by Inflammation and to avoid inflammatory type foods

I've found these books useful in helping me understand it all - they can be a bit OTT so I pick out the bits that suit me HEALTHY GUT HEALTHY YOU by Dr Michael Ruscio.
THE FOUR PILLAR PLAN by Dr Rangan Chatterjee
EAT DIRT by Dr Josh Axe
I've found the healthline website really good and the clever guts book by Michael Moseley and there's a website. I've googled madly and although I've found some good helpful info, I've scared myself too.

I go back to hospital, like I said, in two weeks, the Omeprazole has really reduced my symptoms - and I hope changing my diet etc has helped too. I don't want to be on pills for the rest of my life, so I hope I can manage it (whatever it is!) with lifestyle changes.

nellyitsme Fri 22-Mar-19 12:58:30

Sorry for long post - it's good to talk about it as I don't say much about it in real life

kissmelittleass Fri 22-Mar-19 19:42:02

Nelly.. do you take any vitamins? Or digestive enzymes? I read digestive enzymes are good for tummy problems/acid reflux. I am thinking of buying some, my dietician said to try vitamin D high dose as my levels were low, said it helps immune system with overgrowth of Candida.

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nellyitsme Fri 22-Mar-19 20:32:01

@kissmelittleass I take vit D3 and zinc, alsoomega-3, turmeric and magnesium. I've been taking ginger capsules too.

I wonder about probiotics and can't decide as some people say the supplements don't get to where they're needed and that you get what you need from live yogurt and other fermented foods. Others say they help - is it worth spending the money?

nellyitsme Fri 22-Mar-19 20:32:46

Also omega 3 - I didn't proof read my msg, sorry

kissmelittleass Fri 22-Mar-19 21:35:43

My dietician told me back in November to take Alflorex so I've been taking them since, hopefully they are helping me.
I also take vitamin D3, vitamin c and zinc, B12 and Iron.
I have live natural yogurt daily and kefir a few times a week.
Are the ginger and turmeric tablets good? I take ginger herbal tea not sure if it helps but I'll try anything!

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nellyitsme Fri 22-Mar-19 23:30:02

Ginger seems to calm things down and it's good for nausea too, which I get. It's an anti -inflammatory as is turmeric -I've only been taking turmeric for a few days and thought I'd give a go

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