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walbert Tue 10-Jul-07 18:04:58

In a quandry (oh er!) weren't sure a while ago to have triple or get 3 seperate jabs, did make up minds to have triple, saw papers at weekend now not sure! Any one used seperate jabs or can be of any help??

andiem Tue 10-Jul-07 18:15:08

triple jab no question seperate ones are unreliable and require 6 injections rather than 2. I read the obsever at the weekend and again the media are giving credence to science that is very very poor

walbert Tue 10-Jul-07 18:22:02

This is the problem, hv told me that when sep jabs issued private co's tha dispense them aren't as tightly monitored so jabs could be a bit squiffy. didn't think when started dd's jabs that i'd be fretting about this one..

BreeVanDerCampLGJ Tue 10-Jul-07 18:24:41

I really researched this issue at the time. I was convinced that single was the way to go. Then the mumps vax had to be withdrawn due to problems, so I went with the MMR and had no problems.

lovelymoo Tue 10-Jul-07 18:30:07

Both my DC's had theirs done separatly it was only three jabs one of each spread out over nine months. They had them done at harley street next DC will also be having theirs done seperatly when needed.

peanutbear Tue 10-Jul-07 18:32:22

sorry to say this butI had the seperate jans with my ds andhe still has aspergers Syndrome

I dont want this to worry you because it was not caused by this I believe but I paid privatly to have them done because I was worried about Autism

jabberwocky Tue 10-Jul-07 18:32:28

We did singles with ds1 and will be doing it again with ds2. Ds1 had a really high fever after the rubella and was a bit puny after the measles so I was glad we spaced them out. Can't imagine what he would have done with having them all together.

peanutbear Tue 10-Jul-07 18:33:28

I had seperate jabs!!! weetabix in keyboard

Whooosh Tue 10-Jul-07 18:37:59

I did seperate ones for dd and having seen the reaction she had to the measles one am damn glad I did.
The triple I believe is perfectly safe-it was very much personal choice.
I also had her vaccinated against chicken pox.

SanetJvv Tue 10-Jul-07 18:40:00

Both my dds had the MMR, dd2 have an egg allergy and was fine. I had to get my rubella a month ago but the practice nurse told me they dont make a single rubella vacine anymore, so I also had the MMR. Why do you want to give your child 3 different injections?

walbert Wed 11-Jul-07 09:18:15

I don't want to give dd more injections than necc, (although bless her, she has been marvellous with them so far), but with curent hoo - haa's over allegations concerning th triple, obviously while i have time, i'm wanting to weigh up anddecide in advance, long term, what will be best for dd. Also, live between leeds / wakefield if anyone has had sep jabs local and can tell me of their experiences?

jabberwocky Wed 11-Jul-07 13:07:28

I spaced ds1's jabs pretty far apart, so I don't think it was too much of a hardship on him getting the extra's. We are in the US and, while it's not terribly easy to get the singles, they were all still available the last time I checked - about a month or two ago. They are made by Merck over here. I think that's who supplies them to the UK as well.

NAB3 Wed 11-Jul-07 13:08:32

My first 2 children have had the separate jabs but the youngest hasn't yet. I don't feel happy about him having it yet.

HappyMummyOfOne Tue 17-Jul-07 17:07:19

We went the separate jabs route too - 3 jabs at least six weeks apart - would go this route again if we ever have any more children. Its all down to personal choice, I wasnt happy to have the MMR but dont believe in not vacinating so the single jabs suited us. DS had no side effects at all from what i recall. Go to the jabs site, it gives you all the clinics in your local area. We had to travel to one about an hour away but was worth it.

jellysmummy Tue 17-Jul-07 18:32:33

Hi god isn't this a minefield! My dd1 was born in Feb 02 what a dilemma as to what to do. I was convinced we should go down the separate jab route, paying or going abroad if necessary. But I spent a long time researching it, as a nurse I had a huge reference library to search. I found a fantastic article written for health visitors to answer questions from parents. I have to say this completely turned my thinking around and dd1 had MMR with no ill effects. It is of course a personal decision but in the cold light of day this research was flawed. There was a great artlicle in the Sunday times see this page
I hope this helps you make the decision which is right for you and your lo.
If you do go for single jabs find out what they are supposed to be before you go and demand to see the vials before they are administered to check they are the right thing and within date AND have been kept in the right conditions, ie. refridgerated if appropriate. If they don't want to impart this info or you are dubious run like hell!
Sorry this wasn't supposed to be a rant

cleaninglady Tue 17-Jul-07 19:04:22

my dd had seperate jabs at the height of the dr wakefield saga - i was and am still happy with my choice but mainly because 2 doctor friends of ours had the singles as well and i thought they might have had inside information against the MMR jab DD had no side effects whatsoever and I used DirectHealth 2000 who have a clinic in Liverpool and were very efficient and professional and a pleasure to use! DS is almost 3 and I havent gone down either route for him yet- I was advised by a non NHS Health Professional to wait until after he was 2 1/2 if i could as a lot of the major brain functions are in place by then so a lot less risk but i dont know how reliable that information is and have yet to make a decision.

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