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Irregular periods - should I worry (OK maybe TMI here)

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grouchyoscar Tue 10-Jul-07 15:23:47

Since coming off the combined pill 7 years ago I've always had fairly regular periods. Since DS (4 next week) they have settled down to 33 to 35 day cycles. I am not on the pill but have a non hormonal coil fitted.

My last 3 cycles have been 40 days, 28 days and 39 days. After 35 days I still get the panic that I need to run a test, even when I haven't had unprotected sex. I also get PMT symptoms which I didn't get before

This period started yesterday bedtime. I use a tampon at night as I'm have a rather heavy flow.

(OK possible TMI time)

This morning, when I removed the tampon it was dry except for a trealey black plug at the top. This was followed by a 'dirty' flow onto my towel of grubby blood with black clotty bits in

So, once you have made peace with your lunch

Should I worry? Is it one of those things that happens sometimes or should I head for my GP?

I don't really want to see the GP TBH. Only 1 at the practice deals with coil issues and he checked it a couple of months ago. I don't want him to think I'm some sot of screaming weirdo who likes ...ahem....internal examinations. He assured me that my meds should not affect my cycle.

Can you ladies put my mind a rest or give me a sharpe kick up the butt and tell me to see the doc


Elasticwoman Tue 10-Jul-07 16:15:49

The heavier flow and pmt symptons can be put down to the coil. Don't know about the irregularity - although you are not so very irregular. Could be that using the pill made your system artificially more regular in the past than it would have been, iyswim.

To put your mind at rest about protection from pregnancy, you can check the threads of your coil. Dr or practice nurse could show you how to do this. Mind you, even if threads are in place, there is still a risk even though tiny.

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