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Post tooth extraction problems

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LJW111 Wed 20-Mar-19 08:51:49

Had a back bottom tooth (abscess underneath) taken out 5+ weeks ago. Approx a week ago, three white patches appeared on the inside of my gum next to my tongue, they looked a bit like ulcers and were very sore. Now, the gum has broken and there are bone like structures poking through. I've been back to my dentist and he said to let it all settle down for a few more week then to go back and he will file the bone down!! This doesn't sound right to me. They are NOT tooth fragments. They are hard, feel like part of my jaw and painful - very painful. It appears as if a new tooth is growing. I have a dental phobia as it is and the pain is now radiating all along the bottom of my jaw, up into my cheek and I am taking two different prescription painkillers which are not helping. It's feels like toothache x 100. I am worrying that my jaw is becoming infected. Could they be bone spurs and what can be done? Has anyone on here heard of anything like this? Should I go to a different dentist? Any advice would be welcome please as I'm currently in so much pain and am quite scared.

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Judystilldreamsofhorses Wed 20-Mar-19 10:35:57

I am NOT a dentist, but is it not bits of the bone which holds the teeth in that were damaged during the extraction floating up to the surface and poking through? I had a lower back tooth out a couple of years ago, it was a difficult extraction, and I got these. My dentist took some of them out at the follow-up appointment, and once I had been reassured what they were I pulled the rest out myself with tweezers.

However, I was in no pain, and given that you are, I would make an emergency appointment and go back to the dentist urgently.

(It is not a new tooth growing.)

LJW111 Wed 20-Mar-19 17:34:41

Almost certain not bone fragments as they are solid in my gum and feel like part of my jaw bone. Also, the extraction came out very easily as it was quite loose. Definitely something growing as opposed to bits loose in gum. The whole jaw aches from chin along to ear and up into cheek bone. I'm afraid to return in case they've messed up and make it worse. It hurts so much I don't want anyone to touch it if they don't know what they're doing. If anyone has had anything similar, advice would be great thanks

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Catbot Wed 20-Mar-19 17:48:00

I had a tooth out (back molar) and for a quite a while I had what felt to me like a bone trying to push through the side of my gum. It was alarming and painful if I touched it but eventually it disappeared. However, I did have dry socket and that was very painful. I went back to the dentist as an emergency and they filled the hole with gauze and clove oil which really helped with the pain, and gave me a course of antibiotics. After a few weeks the hole began to fill in and heal over.

I'm also scared of the dentist OP. I think you should go back just to make sure you don't also have an infection there.

Saucery Wed 20-Mar-19 17:51:33

I did have a wisdom tooth erupt in the place of a back bottom extraction, but you must go back to the dentist and let them have a look as it could be lots of things!

LJW111 Wed 20-Mar-19 18:04:25

Didn't have dry socket, the hole is hei f well and also my wisdom teeth were taken out 35 years ago

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mrsk28 Wed 20-Mar-19 18:20:33

I'm a dental nurse. Sounds like exposed bone alright, whether those fragments are loose or not.

Could be that it's loose bits that have worked their way to the surface after the extraction. Or could be that the bone is exposed and may need to be looked at by an oral surgeon (if you've ever taken medication for osteoporosis you would be at higher risk for this).

Either way definitely go back to the dentist or another dentist if you're unsure about the first one. And no harm going back now if you're in pain rather than waiting.

LJW111 Wed 20-Mar-19 18:33:14

Thank you, I'm going on holiday in the morning and won't be back until next week so unfortunately it will have to wait. Many thanks.

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