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Dental advice - sensitive filling

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VforVienetta Sun 31-Mar-19 21:52:54

Yes GreenTulips no charge, and there shouldn't be for the new one either. Phew!
Pain reduced a lot even just with the temp filling, so fingers crossed it settles soon.

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GreenTulips Wed 27-Mar-19 18:35:04

Assume you weren’t charged then?

Hope it feels better soon because it’s really painful

VforVienetta Wed 27-Mar-19 14:35:55

Just been, he’s removed the filling and put in a temporary one, and i’m to go back for the new filling in a fortnight. He thinks the nerve might be inflamed, and wants it to settle before doing the new one.
He also removed a section of sealant from another spot, and i can still taste the clove stuff he put in the cavity! Yeuch.
Dosed up on Ibuprofen as the ache is horrid, and my jaw’s seized up.
Fun times.

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VforVienetta Tue 19-Mar-19 23:42:20

I did not know that! Thank you - I'll call them again.

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GreenTulips Tue 19-Mar-19 23:40:20

Dental work is guaranteed for 12 months so any correction should be free of charge

You need to go back

VforVienetta Tue 19-Mar-19 23:36:17

Can anyone advise please?
I had an old metal filling replaced in December with a new white one.
It was very sensitive afterwards, so I went back to the dentist and they checked it out, said it was fine and prescribed a medicated toothpaste to help with the sensitivity.
It's now nearing the end of March and if anything the sensitivity is worse - it now hurts to drink tap-cold water, so I'm barely drinking anything but tea, it hurts when I breathe with my mouth open outside, and I draw my breath in sharply it even hurts to breathe indoors at room temp!!
Cold food is awful, and the pain lingers.

Any ideas why, and what I might be able to do about it? Should I have it replaced with another metal filling, or is it likely there's a fault with this filling?

All help appreciated! 🦷 thanks

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