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How much damage does 2 bottles of wine per day do?

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Matotwo Tue 10-Jul-07 14:32:24

my dh drinks 2 bottles of cheap wine per day. Sometimes a little more, some days a little less. He eats really spicy food late at night. He often gets really drunk and has three times injured himself as a result. I hate it. I drink a glass of wine a night, sometimes two but that is it. He often forgets stuff (understandably). My dd (9yo) senses he is in an 'altered state' and doesn't like it. our baby doesn't notice....yet. What is he doing to himself? He doesn't think he has a problem. Does he????

aloha Tue 10-Jul-07 14:35:53


Hathor Tue 10-Jul-07 14:36:38

Can you gently help him to understand that he does have a problem and get some help to deal with it? I guess the GP would be able to advise him about the effect he is having on his body. I am sure someone will have good advice on this.

BellaLasagne Tue 10-Jul-07 14:37:02

It's too much.

handlemecarefully Tue 10-Jul-07 14:38:09

Lots of damage. That's between 16- 24 units of alcohol daily depending on the strength of the wine. He will shorten his life if he continues.

handlemecarefully Tue 10-Jul-07 14:39:09

So 7 days per week that is between 112 - 168 units

Matotwo Tue 10-Jul-07 14:40:14

yes - that sounds right. I am gonna check this thread but not post frequently because I don't wnat him to find me on it. thanks

Wisteria Tue 10-Jul-07 14:40:39

Far too much - his poor liver..
Awful for you as well mind you, I have a glass or two and I thought that was quite a lot every night so am trying to cut down.

handlemecarefully Tue 10-Jul-07 14:40:49

Cirhosis of the liver (excuse spelling)
Increased risk of oesophageal and mouth cancer
Massive gastro intestinal bleed etc etc

lljkk Tue 10-Jul-07 14:42:17

Someone he respects -- GP maybe, as Hathor suggests -- needs to talk to him about it.

2 bottles/day is way too much. Liver damage, Skin disorders, memory damage, emotional disorders and increased risk of heart disease are the most likely first problems that might manifest.

Whizzz Tue 10-Jul-07 14:42:38

Lots of info online

Whizzz Tue 10-Jul-07 14:43:41

and here

suwoo Tue 10-Jul-07 14:44:31

My DH drinks at least 4 cans of lager evey night. Weekends it would be 6-8 or more. He keeps saying he wants to cut down. Help me to tell him that this too is excessive. Good luck, Matotwo hope things improve.

ipanemagirl Tue 10-Jul-07 14:45:16

This sounds a lot to me but I'm not an expert. There are various online questionnaires that may help indicate alcoholism. But the broadest definition is does the drinking cause damage to anything?
You might consider contacting al-anon which is a totally confidential support group for the loved ones of those who have a problem with alcohol. you can find a local group online.
They can give you support as it can be impossible for a lot of drinkers to acknowledge there is a problem. It may be all you can do just to get some strength from outside.

lljkk Tue 10-Jul-07 14:45:48

You probably need support, too; your family is probably so used to functioning around his habit that all of you will need help in recovering from it, too. Al-Anon is one possibility. There are other regional support groups all over the UK.

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