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Uterus problems

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Ciara2005 Tue 19-Mar-19 18:29:16

Hi I’m 33yrs old and have been visiting my gp for the past 12months regarding problems with my periods
-spotting mid cycle
-significantly heavier
-more painful

Last July he sent me for a smear test, they also checked for any infections, all came back clear so he was happywith that. Last November I returned to him again still unhappy with all the same problems so he has put me on a waiting list to see a gynecologist as I don’t have health insurance. I visited again last month as my period was so bad and he sent me as a private patient for an ultrasound. I had it done on day 14 of my cycle

Those results were as follows
Thickening endometrium 20.4 mms of uncertain etiology and enlarged uterus 249ccs with no fibroids.

My gp says it’s nothing to worry about, considering my smear was clear and had said he’ll forward the ultrasound results on to the gynecologist that I’m on the waiting list for

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