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Liver Function Tests

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Lilythepink3 Sun 17-Mar-19 11:27:01

Hi, I am currently having various tests after my ferritin level came back high (532) and transferrin saturation also high (83%). Doc suspects haemochromatosis (genetic iron overload disorder), this result could take 6 weeks. In the meantime I am extremely nervous wondering what else it could be. I have been extremely fatigued and poorly recently and have got myself worried I could have liver disease. I just had my liver function tests done and they were fine and in fact very similar results to the tests I had done a year ago and 2 years previous to that (I can see them all on my record). I am worrying myself as I have found info on official liver sites and forums were it has said these tests dont always pick up liver disease. Does anyone have any experience of this? If I had liver disease would you not expect some change in the results over the years indicating a problem?

Panicking now over the fun nights out in my 20s and the reaching for prosecco after a stressful day - certainly made me think differently about my health!

Thank you!

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