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Mirena Coil: Strings keep disappearing amongst other issues

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Ouchypants Sun 17-Mar-19 08:31:06

Not quite as dark as that. More like large pink fleshy lumps that you pass when you've just had a baby (sorry tmi). I did wonder if my body was ridding itself of extra endometrial tissue.

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MollysLips Sun 17-Mar-19 08:19:40

The "uterine tissue" -- did it look like raw liver? If so, that's just blood clots.

Redwinestillfine Sun 17-Mar-19 08:16:07

Talk to your GP. It will be fine, you're just getting used to it

Ouchypants Sun 17-Mar-19 08:12:41

Had the mirena fitted around 7 weeks ago.

Doctor told me that the likelihood of me getting side effects was minimal as the hormone release is so low. I do not respond well to hormones but need treatment for suspected enometriosis, v heavy periods and severe PMS (as in depressed and angry every single month!). So far however, I've had a ton of issues:

Firstly, my strings disappeared so I went back to the gp who fitted it and she told me I have a flap of skin concealing the strings and "not to worry about it."
I thought you should be able to feel them? What if it fell out? I would never know.

Secondly, I had 4 weeks of severe bleeding which has now subsided (thank goodness) but I could see clumps of what can only be described at uterine tissue. I have had an iron test and all was fine so sent on my way. But I was exhausted for around 4 weeks and felt absolutely awful.

Thirdly, I believe the coil has given me oral thrush! I seem to get this when I take oral contraceptives (never any other time). I thought I'd be fine with the mirena after what the doctor told me so can't understand why I have this? Ive also had a few migraines, picked up more colds than I usually do and felt generally blerugh. I've also felt a little low and anxious.

I don't want to rush to get it removed, as I don't know what other treatments I could use, however I'm a bit concerned about how this is affecting me. And surely its not particularly safe if I can't feel my strings?

I had sex with DH 2 days ago and can tell that I am now ovulating. I'm absolutely terrified that the coil may have been dislodged without my knowledge and I could get pregnant. DH would be furious if I were to fall pregnant again as he was worried about having sex when I can't feel the strings, but I told him the gp said it was fine. As I'm now ovulating, I'm questioning myself and feeling v anxious.

What would you do?

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