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Spot-ish?? Not healing/going away, when to see a doctor or not?

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InvisibleToEveryone Sat 16-Mar-19 15:55:21

I've got what I thought was a spot on my breast near-ish the areola that's been there a while, at least 3 weeks.

I hadn't noticed it till one of my girls pointed it out when I was complaining about a different spot, blush

Anyway that was 3 weeks ago and it's still there, not doing a lot, it's not very big, 5mm at most, not scabby as such.

Anyway when would you see a doctor or wouldn't you?

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Kam610 Sat 16-Mar-19 15:57:37

If it's not itchy, painful or inflamed then I would wait and see if it eventually disappears. If it changes However, then perhaps better to get it checked out. Is it just like a normal spot or is it more like a mole?

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