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shiveringtimber Fri 15-Mar-19 21:00:02

After days of agony, I've been diagnosed with gallstones. I was sent home from A&E with pain meds and told to wait to hear from a surgeon. But it hurts so much! Should I go back? Help!

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Jackshouse Fri 15-Mar-19 21:21:50

If you can’t cope with the pain then see your GP/ out of hours dr.

Jackshouse Fri 15-Mar-19 21:22:26

Did they tell you to flow a low fat diet?

Middlrm Fri 15-Mar-19 21:24:34

It’s awful isn’t it ... I preferred giving birth to gallstones .... just keep
On top of pain meds ... try drinking a table spoon of cider vinegar in a
Little water ( honestly it can help massively ) ... stay off fatty foods ( if you can face any ) and if it’s too bad still
See your doctor so sorry your going through this awful pain x x I had some tramadol left over from a bad back once only medication that touched the sides ... not sure you would get any though x

shiveringtimber Fri 15-Mar-19 22:03:28

They actually gave me four 10mg of morphine! I told them I'd already tried tramadol (I have some left over from a back problem) and it didn't even touch the pain. The morphine is magic but I know it's addictive. I took one last night and I would love another now but am waiting. For what, I don't know. Should I go back to hospital? I'll probably have to sit for hours waiting. I've been diagnosed and it's not likely they're going to rush me into surgery now. But trying to cope with this all weekend is unimaginable! What to do??

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TheRealHousewifeofCheshire Fri 15-Mar-19 22:34:23

It can cause pancreatitis. If its diagnosed I dont know if they'll operate quicker. But it is hell!

I was hospitalised thought with undiagnosed gallstones but had s blocked duct that was making me ill.

ALemonyPea Fri 15-Mar-19 22:55:59

Try buscopan, you can buy it over the counter.

shiveringtimber Fri 15-Mar-19 23:21:40

I think a duct is blocked because I have whitish poo and dark pee (TMI, sorry). I've taken another tablet of morphine and am waiting for morning. I'm scared.confused

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deadlegs Fri 15-Mar-19 23:34:48

Definitely sound like a blocked duct to me OP. I had the same, from undiagnosed gallstones, a year ago. Did they do bloods when you visited A&E to check for things like pancreatitis? Hopefully you will hear from a surgeon soon.

For me the next steps were endoscopy to remove the gallstones and then fortunately, whilst in hospital they had a cancellation so my gallbladder was removed the following day. A year on and I have no ill effects from it, hope you get it sorted ASAP.

TheRealHousewifeofCheshire Sat 16-Mar-19 07:31:56

If its a blocked duct which it sounds like I'd see someone and get bloods checked.

I had the same my bloods were sky high so i needed to be admitted x

shiveringtimber Sun 17-Mar-19 08:48:28

I'm on antibiotics and morphine until I hear from the surgeon.

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Jackshouse Sun 17-Mar-19 09:01:11

I had white poo and dark urine thing and was admitted as it can be dangerous. I’m glad you are getting help. I was kept in hospital until the blockage cleared and then they operated and removed my gall bladder.

Nat6999 Sun 17-Mar-19 09:24:24

When I had gallstones my liver bloods were so bad my consultant accused me of being an alcoholic. What he didn't realise was I had given up alcohol because it brought the pain on. I found peppermint cordial & Soda Water really helped with my digestion & reduced the pain & nausea when I had an attack. Towards the end everything I ate brought the pain on, I lost 18lb over the last 6 weeks before I had my op. My consultant told me afterwards that my gallbladder was so inflamed that it was welded on to my liver. My GP prescribed anti inflammatories, painkillers & anti nausea tablets for me, for the last couple of weeks alibi could eat was plain boiled rice & plain pasta, my attacks were nearly always in the evening, I couldn't sit or lie comfortably, when I had an attack I usually ended up kneeling on the stairs with a hot water bottle. Could you ring your consultants secretary every time you are in pain to try & get yourself bumped up the list.

shiveringtimber Mon 18-Mar-19 21:42:58

Back in A&E. OMG Nat! That's horrific. Relatable because I can't eat either. I drink iced tea, camomile tea with honey and nibble on rice cakes. I could do with losing 18 pounds but not like this! My GP put me on antibiotics on Friday so obviously things could get worse.sad I never realised gallstones could be such an ordeal!

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Jackshouse Mon 18-Mar-19 21:48:54

I thought you were waiting in hospital to see the surgeon from your other posts. Make sure you push the info about white poo and dark wee.

shiveringtimber Mon 18-Mar-19 22:05:56

No, Jack. I decided not to go back because I thought no one would do anything over the weekend. I didn't know then how quickly things go from bad to worse.

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Jackshouse Tue 19-Mar-19 08:22:12

I hope you get sorted soon.

TheRealHousewifeofCheshire Tue 19-Mar-19 20:58:58

How are you OP

shiveringtimber Fri 22-Mar-19 10:01:18

All is well. I've had the cholecystectomy and am going home, even though I have some residual pain.

BUT... I need to know what I should/shouldn't eat now! Is alcohol out of the question? Fried food? Pizza? Cheese? If I don't have chance to ask the surgeon or my nurse, can anyone on here tell me? Thanks

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TheRealHousewifeofCheshire Fri 22-Mar-19 11:30:31

Wow that was quick.

The surgery is usually done as a day cade. My suregon was very very good. He didnt say anything much re diet and just said there is no reason I couldnt follow a normal healthy diet!

Good luck OP hope you feel bettet soon

ANiceLuxury Fri 22-Mar-19 11:33:42

That was very quick, surgery normally has at least an 8 month waiting list.

I eat what i want now. Never had any issues since removal

TheRealHousewifeofCheshire Fri 22-Mar-19 11:55:30

I didnt wait 8 months x

goose1964 Fri 22-Mar-19 19:31:36

I can't eat cheese anymore 😢or chicken skin or crackling as I can't digest them. It will be a matter of trial and error to see what you can tolerate.

Sinead100 Fri 22-Mar-19 19:35:57

Everyone is different. I can't digest porridge oats anymore (despite having them for breakfast for years, daily, before gallbladder removal) .

Use a common sense approach- your liver is now having to work harder to break down fat, so eat less fat and more wholegrains to ease the pressure on your digestive system.

mathanxiety Fri 22-Mar-19 19:59:11

After my op I was told to stick to a high fibre low fat diet, lots of veggies, fruit, whole grains, avoid animal fats as much as possible. Lots of fluids daily.

I eat lean cuts of meat, fish incl salmon and mackerel, sardines... Also veggies, lowfat Greek yogurt, fruit, potatoes, sweet potatoes, whole grain breads and other carb items, rice. Also nuts.

I avoid ice cream and cheesecake and other obviously fatty desserts and snacks (crisps for instance) have cake in moderation, skip the icing. Still like the occasional dollop of whipped cream...

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