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Wish me luck. I have my first Hypnotherapy session tomorrow.

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mytwopenceworth Mon 09-Jul-07 17:59:27

Am nervous.

Slightly worried she will have me doing the funky chicken with my pants on my head while she sends it out live via webcam on

Reassure me please.

winestein Mon 09-Jul-07 18:01:00

I had hypnotherapy for smoking cessation - you are totally in control at all times. My hypnotherapist explained how the stage acts work and it's all bunkum.

You'll be absolutely fine

mytwopenceworth Mon 09-Jul-07 18:11:10


Does this mean the participants on things like that old Paul Mcenna show are faking it? - I've always suspected so.

doughnuts Mon 09-Jul-07 18:12:38

It'll be fine - it's really relaxing too - forget about all that stage hypnotism stuff - you'll be aware of everything that's going on...enjoy !

codJane Mon 09-Jul-07 18:12:58

hahahdont forget you are peelign onions

IsabelWatchingItRainInMacondo Mon 09-Jul-07 18:15:42

Is it neurolinguistic programming?

If so, I had a session to solve a little chronic speech problem I had, worked like a treat... the problem was gone in a week, even when I had had it for decades.

Against my expectations, the doctor make sure I never drifted to sleep.

Have you seen the Little Britanny episode with Paul Mckenna???

Pruners Mon 09-Jul-07 18:19:58

Message withdrawn

mytwopenceworth Mon 09-Jul-07 18:31:21

Thanks all.

I don't know exactly what it is, nlp or what, I just invited this stranger I found on the internet round to my home to give her £65 and have her put me into a trance, without asking any questions! I need my head looking at!

Oh, I hope it works!

doughnuts Mon 09-Jul-07 18:33:05

do you get a cd as well ?
my brother-in-law is a hypno. and did a cd for me which I find a bit disturbing to listen to - having your b-in-law speaking to you in that hushed,calm way etc !!

mytwopenceworth Mon 09-Jul-07 18:46:34

oh, don't know. That would be good. I hope so.

doughnuts Mon 09-Jul-07 18:50:25

I think most hypnos do give you a cd, to listen to in between sessions and afterwards -for relaxing and being receptive to their suggestions -

mytwopenceworth Mon 09-Jul-07 18:56:40

Sounds good.

As long as her suggestion is not that I sign up for 3 years of weekly therapy at £65 a pop!

Oh I am TRYING to be open, but I am a bit , but I am desperate.

Well, I shall know soon enough.

winestein Mon 09-Jul-07 19:07:17

SORREEEE! Disappeared for a session of toddler wrestling!

Yes, according to my hypnotherapist, member of a billion and one professional hypnotherapy institutions, the people who end up on stage are very carefully selected pre "random selction from the audience"

£65 does sound rather a lot more than I paid, but perhaps that's because yours is coming to your home?

As for the feeling - just relax and enjoy it

doughnuts Mon 09-Jul-07 19:07:29

a good hypno will let you decide the length of treatment - usually about 4 sessions for anxiety (in my case) though longer if you have analytic hypnotherapy.

doughnuts Mon 09-Jul-07 19:08:06

I paid £60 a session - am out of London

winestein Mon 09-Jul-07 19:08:43

Oh, by the way, NLP is totally different and doesn't relax you like hypnotherapy does. It shuffles your mind about and files things differently

winestein Mon 09-Jul-07 19:09:28

Really doughnuts?

Ok - £65 veritable bargain for a home visit then!

mytwopenceworth Mon 09-Jul-07 19:13:30

I am in the back of beyond! She is travelling about 10-15 miles to me. She's a "qualified Clinical Hypnotherapist, Psychotherapist and Personal Development Advisor and is a Member of the National Register of Hypno-Psychotherapists" and "a member of the NHS Directory of Complementary and Alternative Practitioners.
She can be heard weekly dealing with the relationship issues and various personal problems of listeners who call her for professional advice on her award winning radio counselor programme"

"High flyers may recognise her dulcet tones from trips abroad if they have been lucky enough to be on an airline featuring her relaxing personal development and stress free flying In-Flight programmes. She also presented and produced a top selling CD found in good bookshops and at New World Music.

In addition to her private therapy sessions and consultation work, she is on the NHS Register as one of the few practitioners in the country qualified for the Hypno-Chemo Programme which is aimed at alleviating the distressing physical and psychological issues which can present during chemotherapy"

So, does that sound ok? What do you think of it? Does she sound good?

winestein Mon 09-Jul-07 19:54:01

Oh my goodness, sounds like a complete quack

(no, sounds exemplary really - check her certs for watermarks though )

winestein Mon 09-Jul-07 19:54:54

I know where you live MTPW and it's not the back of beyond, it's full of people buying puddings

adelicatequestion Mon 09-Jul-07 21:30:03


Did it work for your anxiety. I suffer all the time with heightened anxiety and panic attacks. Worrying about everything and catastrophising things.

mytwopenceworth Tue 10-Jul-07 07:34:15

Ha. Incompetent stalker. I moved. I now visit Little John's grave daily. [cryptic]

<wonders if weinstein will be sufficiently bugged by mystery to google>

doughnuts Tue 10-Jul-07 10:41:32

ooh are you in Notts then ? my hypnotherapist brother-in-law lives there - you could always try him if you don't get on with your one (I'm sure she'll be great)
Her qualifications sound about right to me - you can check out her listings on the websites.
Let us know what you think and how it goes -I'm always interested in other people's experiences of hypnotherapy.
Good luck !

doughnuts Tue 10-Jul-07 10:47:36

adelicatequestion - I have to say that I am like you and almost perpetually anxious about something and spend my life anticipating disaster - usually minor domestic ones - but I think that stops me from focussing on the more important life issues (money worries, my career etc etc).
The relaxation bit really worked and works still if I listen to my cd - I can relax really well - and I'm a naturally twitchy,fidgetty person. But I do think that my fears/anxieties are very deep seated and a more prolonged program of hypnoanalysis would help me shift them - alas I cannot afford to have anymore. I chose not to go along that route in the first place because it would have been expensive and also because I've had years of psychotherapy in the past abnd I'm still dealing with anxiety ! Don't want to make it sound bleak and negative as I do honestly think it can help and I'm glad that I had my four sessions.

mytwopenceworth Tue 10-Jul-07 11:20:08

No doughnuts. Little John's (alleged) grave is not in Notts.

<mystery deepens>

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