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Clinical Staphiod Fracture

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Lynseyhaslett27 Tue 12-Mar-19 20:03:29

I've been put in a cast for a clinical staphoid fracture have to go to fracture clinic on thursday. The break wasnt showing up on the xray but i had symptoms of a fracture
What will they do? Will they put a light weight cast on for a further 2 weeks?,

All help much appreciated

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Prequelle Tue 12-Mar-19 20:09:40

It's scaphoid. And basically they'll take the cast off, see how it's looking and how it's feeling to you. Any doubt at all and they'll re-cast you and send you for a scan to get a better look than what an x-ray can offer.

Lynseyhaslett27 Tue 12-Mar-19 20:16:20

So basically i might get this cast off then. Im still having pain in it, swelling fingers, and have had to replace of cast 4 times in 2 weeks cos it keeps loosing, wen this happens the pain is awful at times

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Prequelle Tue 12-Mar-19 20:25:02

You COULD get it off if your mobility and pain is okay, but like I said if there's doubt and you're still in quite a bit of pain they'll put a cast back on and get you in for a scan. I've broken mine 3 times and did a nursing stint in orthopaedics. All of mine ended up being confirmed scaphoid fractures after the scan and needed about 8 weeks in a cast. Hope it's better soon!

Lynseyhaslett27 Tue 12-Mar-19 20:27:34

Aww lovely poor you! I'll not go in thinking I'll get it off then. As if i have pain in a cast im sure ill still have pain in it when the remove the cast. Im scared they take it off too soon :-(

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Prequelle Tue 12-Mar-19 20:46:54

Hope it gets better soon! If the swelling persists and it becomes uncomfortable and like your cast is too tight, get it checked out!

Keep topped up on pain relief too. Just a note too, afterwards when the cast comes off I found it was lingering tendon/ligament pain that was quite painful so give yourself healing time post cast removal

Lynseyhaslett27 Fri 15-Mar-19 21:10:20

Hi missus just to let u know I'm on a lightweight cast now for a further 4 weeks. Doc xrayed it again. So casted up for another 4 weeks

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Lamkin Fri 15-Mar-19 21:20:12

I had one of these fractures and it was a bugger to heal.
I had a bone scan to confirm it, but was put into a splint, not a plaster.
Hope you're not too uncomfortable sad

Prequelle Fri 15-Mar-19 22:11:25

lynsey ah I thought you would need one! I hope it starts getting better soon. It sucks not being able to do things doesn't it!

Lynseyhaslett27 Thu 06-Jun-19 22:16:21

Hiya had a mri scan tonight the radiologist said there is high something which indecates fracture.. what will they do? The cast is off 4 weeks

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