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What joy, the children have ring worm (i think). Can I just buy an over the counter cream?

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Nbg Sun 08-Jul-07 19:27:20

I'm sure thats what it is anyway.

DS's looks like someone has pressed a 5 pence piece on his arm.
DD's looks a bit different, in that its about the size of a 2p piece but just an outline on the side of her torso.

NHS call back is over 3 hrs so dont expect to hear from them tonight but I'll go an get some cream tomorrow from the chemist if I can.

Nbg Sun 08-Jul-07 19:35:07


Nbg Sun 08-Jul-07 19:58:44

there must be someone who'll admit they've had it!

juuule Sun 08-Jul-07 20:03:25

Ringworm is a fungal infection. I should think it could be treated with an antifungal cream such as Canestan.

Nbg Sun 08-Jul-07 20:23:59

Right Canestan, that sounds easy enough.

Donk Sun 08-Jul-07 20:47:45

I caught ringworm off a horse when I was working on a stable yard. I just used an over the counter antifungal cream to treat it - and it cleared up quite quickly.
Make sure that you are all using separate towels etc - and wash them at 60C or higher. It is highly infectious!

DUSTIN Sun 08-Jul-07 20:53:42

I caught ringworm from a cat at work. I went to the doctor and he gave me Canestan. After applying the cream put a plaster over the lesion to stop the fungal spores from spreading.

Nbg Mon 09-Jul-07 08:24:38

I'll go and get some today.

For some reason though I cant seem to see ds's this morning.
DD's is still there

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