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DS 13 months has broken his finger, I feel terrible

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Weegle Sun 08-Jul-07 19:26:08

He fell about 1.5 foot off the side of a slide - DH was "supervising" whilst I enjoyed the sunshine. I knew he wasn't helping him enough but thought I shouldn't interfere and criticise! (And I've been very restrained I haven't said anything to DH he feels bad enough). Poor mite is not happy at all as he can't crawl because he can't put weight on his hand. He hates the strapping and is trying to get it off! And to top it all he's got 2 molars cutting so is in pain with that already! How on earth and I going to keep a very active boy content when every time he tries to crawl he starts bawling?! And right now he's not going to sleep

melander Mon 09-Jul-07 05:51:39

Hey, try not to bash yourself up you've done really well:
- Letting DH develop his own relationship with DS by not criticising
- Allowing yourself to switch off and enjoy the sunshine

This kind of accident could happen anywhere at anytime and they need to push barriers to learn (both DH and DS).

Molars are the pits on their own.... Keep him topped with pain killers, give him heaps of love and take this opportunity to get him cruising and standing more - that way his hand won't be a problem.

Don't let this stop you from relaxing again... It's not your fault.

Take care,


katelyle Mon 09-Jul-07 06:06:18

My ds broke a finger at the crawling stage. They didn't strap it up because that said that he was likely to do more damage trying to get the strapping off - maybe it wasn't as bad a break as your ds's? Anyway, after being miserable for a day or so, he learnt to crawl holding the damaged finger off the floor.

BTW, I was having a glass of wine in my friend's kitchen when he pulled a heavy metal doorstop down on himself - accidents happen, and I think I've stopped blaming myself - it's been 5 years.....

I haven't forgiven myself for shutting the same finger in the car door two years later though!

BTW - fathers really do usually "help" their dcs less than mothers (generalization but true!) and this is usually a good thing!
Hope he's better soon!

usandnosleep Mon 09-Jul-07 07:34:37

Oh don't feel bad these things happen. Bet your DH feels awful!

Weegle Mon 09-Jul-07 09:17:23

Thanks guys, he's much better this morning - he's accepted the strapping is there and is crawling holding it off the ground. He seems to forget and then try to do something and then cries but it's not continuous so that's good! And one of the molars is through so that's got to help!

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