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Anyone else have a dc that vomits when they have a headache ??

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nutcracker Sun 08-Jul-07 18:55:38

Have noticed over the past few months that everytime ds has a headache, he seems to really be in lots of pain and will lie down for a while but then suddenly be sick. As soon as he is sick he is fine.

He did it today at my dads. Came to me complaining of a headache and so he lay on my lap for a while but was very restless and rubbing his head and eyes. Eventually he dropped off to sleep, but then all of a sudden he woke up and was sick.

I'm assuming it is a migraine, but should I get it checked out at all ?? Ds is 4 by the way.

Heartmum2Jamie Sun 08-Jul-07 19:06:30

Yes! My ds is the same. He went through a phase of what i would only assume were migraines, started with a headache, then tummy, then vomit and then be right as rain. I now have him tell me if he is starting a headache to try and gauge when to give calpol. Thankkfully he hasn't had an attack since November.

I would definately consider getting his eyes tested just to be sure and mention it to your gp, but it is possible for younge children to get migraines and I am not sure what they can do about it.

wurlywurly Sun 08-Jul-07 19:09:07

not my dc but me, I always find that I but it does tend to be migraines rather then just headaches.

If it does continue then take him to gp,

Guitargirl Sun 08-Jul-07 19:09:38

My migraines started when I was 5 and we have a family history of migraines. I was having several a week until I was referred to a specialist when I was about 7 who suggested keeping a food diary to identify triggers - turned out to be chocolate, cola, too much dairy and over excitement - always got one on my birthday for instance or the night before some event I was looking forward to, later at secondary school usually around exam time.

Does he have the pain on one side of his head? Does the light hurt his eyes? Your poor DS - migraines are miserable.

Can't hurt to get him checked out though in case it's not migraine.

nutcracker Sun 08-Jul-07 19:09:45

He had his eyes tested on friday and has perfect vision apparently, so can rule that out.

Might start keeping a note of when he has the attacks and then see the doctor.

lisad123 Sun 08-Jul-07 19:10:40

I do the same, if i have a migraine I am sick. I feel better after but still not 100%.

Good luck


nutcracker Sun 08-Jul-07 19:12:11

The pain seems to be right above his eyes and it does hurt to look at light yeah. He kept getting my hand and putting it over his eyes.

I have had migraines before, but very very rarely.

If he realised sooner, I would give him calpol, but they seem to come on very quickly and he gets quite distraught, then goes very quiet and then is sick, then fine.

Guitargirl Sun 08-Jul-07 19:20:54

When I was little the only thing that would help really was lying down in a darkened room, really as little light as possible, my Mum or Dad would stay and chat quietly with me and once the vomiting had more or less stopped I would either fall asleep and wake up pain free or chatting to my parents would help take my mind off the pain enough to be able to sleep better.

Everyone's experience is different but in my case the migraines became less frequent as I got older (although not less intense unfortunately) and also as I grew older I became better at identifying an attack just as it was starting and would go and lie down with the lights off if I could, that is sometimes enough to put it off. Now I get them infrequently and they are mostly triggered by stress.

The other thing that triggered them when I was little was if I hadn't had enough sleep or had skipped a meal for some reason.

bookwormmum Sun 08-Jul-07 19:39:16

I've had a couple of migraine attacks and found that laying a (well-wrapped) freezy block on the hurting part of your head can help numb the pain a bit. Otherwise, it's darkened rooms and a handy bucket for me until it passes.

I feel for your ds - I had a migraine a few years ago (funnily enough the downstairs fuse went whilst this was happening) so whilst my dd was having more a slight wobbly at the dark, I was more than happy to have the room darkened as it reduced the hurt on my eyes even though I felt rotten not being able to comfort her whilst the fuse was being repaired . Luckily my Mum was on hand to smooth things out.

Definitely get your ds checked out but hopeully he'll grow out of migraines as he gets older.

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