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6yr old teeth advice needed please HELP!

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octo Fri 06-Jul-07 23:38:01

ds1 lost his first tooth about 3 weeks ago - noticed today that the new one is coming through at a right angle which is very worrying and even more worrying is that the tooth next to it which is wobbly has a tooth coming up behind it lower down the gums really concerned - is this normal? Will call dentist on monday morning.

ComeOVeneer Fri 06-Jul-07 23:39:48

All totally normal, and very likely the teeth will all straighten up of there own accord. The dentist will just keep an eye on things.

octo Fri 06-Jul-07 23:43:33

thank god for that - complete panic! And was shocked that the tops of them weren't straight - if you know what I mean - but ridged.

octo Fri 06-Jul-07 23:58:34

anyone else?

katelyle Sat 07-Jul-07 00:06:26

Dont Panic!!!!!My dd always had a an adult tooth growing up behind the baby tooth before the beby one fell out (does that make sense!) We called her Fang. It meant that she never had cute gaps in her teeth, but apart from that made no difference at all.

cornsilk Sat 07-Jul-07 00:07:17

Yes they are ridged when they come through. My ds had a big gap between his front teeth this time last year which has now closed.

octo Sat 07-Jul-07 00:08:04

behind the tooth - lower down in the gum?

octo Sat 07-Jul-07 00:08:45

He looks like he is going to have two rows of teeth - like a shark!

katelyle Sun 08-Jul-07 07:27:06

Sorry, octo - meant to come back but RL got in the way! My dd was like this - looked very odd indeed for a while! Dentist said it was fine - but to be very careful about cleaning between the two rows of teeth. She is now 11, and has lovely even filling free teeth, so don't worry.
As I said, her nickname was - and I'm afraid sometimes still is - Fang!

weezy292004 Wed 11-Jul-07 05:00:59

we have this prob with 5 yr old at the moment 2 adult teeth growing behind and baby teeth taking ages to fall out.we went to dentist and she said that it's all perfectly normal etc etc even saaying it's the ugly duckling stage (dc nnot impressed by that comment) and will hopefully sort itself out and if not they can't do anything till they are 10-12yrs anyway.

Boredveryverybored Wed 11-Jul-07 05:15:11

I've got this with 6yr old dd atm. Her two bottom teeth fell out, one came through perfectly but the other at a right angle because it seems to be too big for the gap. We're waiting on a dentist app and I was a little bit worried about it. Although have noticed over the last week or so it is getting straigter. But theres just not enough room and the tooth next to it isnt even wobbly yet to make room

mymama Wed 11-Jul-07 06:00:38

This happened with my dd and ds1. Unfortunately for us it hasn't worked out fine and they both have crooked teeth and will need braces. I think they were always going to need braces regardless. When we saw our dentist he advised that once the 2nd tooth starts coming through to try to get the wobbly tooth to fall out asap as it can sometimes make a difference.

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