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I CANNOT belivev ds2 has just been sick AGAIN!

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LadyTophamHatt Fri 06-Jul-07 21:54:58


Hes been a little off colour all week after a sick bug last week/weekend but not been sick since monday. He's been tired through not eating much but prefectly fine most of the time.

Why has it started again FGS???

I'm meant to be going to see my firend and her new baby tomorrow but he's going to be a nightmare in the car.


Yes, yes yes I know I should be sympathetic towrad him but, but bloody hell.....I'm sick of playing nurse maid when he's prefectly fine during the day and I really want to go tomorrow, something always bloody happens when I want to go out.


bluestringsoup Sat 07-Jul-07 22:28:15

Sorry to hear this LadyTH - just reading through a few posts etc, and didnt want you to feel you were here on your own with sick ds - hope he hasn't been sick again and that you can both have a good sleep tonight - fingers crossed it was a one off and you can go on car journey tomorrow without too much trouble.... (once read somewhere about sitting on newspaper to prevent car sickness/ sickness while travelling and to preserve car seat .....! reduces vibraton between tyres, seat and bottom I think) hth!

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