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Eye Freckle

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Hoolahoophop Mon 25-Feb-19 14:23:26

Hi MN anyone around to tell me that a large, domed eye freckle is perfectly normal and I shouldn't worry. Im waiting for a date to visit eye clinic at my local hospital after my optition sent an urgent referral.

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Footle Mon 25-Feb-19 16:42:35

The optician has seen it and referred you. No one here has seen it but we can wish you well and hope you get your appointment very soon.

Mycroft8787 Mon 25-Feb-19 18:51:57

Just joined so I could reply to you. This happened to my DH. He went for a routine eye test and they found what they though was probably a freckle but he had to get it checked out. He ended up at the eye oncology unit in Liverpool as they were concerned. There are 5 piece of criteria that point to cancer, and he had 2. Because they weren’t sure, they decided to watch and wait as doing a biopsy was a bit too risky at that point. They took measurements and he went back for checks to see if it was growing. It was a terrifying time, but all was well and he’s been discharged now. Turns out his brother has one too! Because technology has got better at routine eye appointments, they can now spot these things. You’ve probably had it years but it’s inky just been spotted. It’s very rare to have eye cancer, and I don’t know all the details of your freckle, but its more than likely it’s fine, they just refer to be in the safe side. Even having some of the criteria doesn’t mean it’s something sinister x

Hoolahoophop Mon 25-Feb-19 21:15:36

Thanks Mycroft. I've googled (bad plan) but seen that only something like 700 people a year find its cancer and it's most common in the over 60s I'm under 40. At my eye test the optition seemed worried asked me back the following day Saturday after 4pm by 5.30 the hospital clinic had called to say they received my referral abd I'd get an appointment soon. So the speed has me worried. That and a run of bad health luck in the family over the last couple of years.

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Mycroft8787 Mon 25-Feb-19 21:51:40

Hi Hoola, from what I remember it was the same for my hubby, all pretty quick and the original opt seemed worried at the time. He was late 40’s when it happened. He got a referral to our local hospital and then they referred him onto oncology . They only have 4 of the eye oncology centres in the country, so shows how rare it is. Don’t be alarmed if you get referred on again as there are a few things they look for and if they aren’t certain they will just refer you on. The technology is so much more advanced at these centres, they can get a really good close look in comparison to the local hospital equipment. I think hubbys was raised and had some kind of blue powder around it, so made them unsure as these can be bad signs. I can’t remember if there was something to do with the margins too. The treatment would have meant that he would have prob lost the vision in that eye, but would have only had a small chance of spreading. Anyway, it never came to that. And remember, just because your family has had some bad luck, it has nothing to with what’s happening now nor can it influence what’s going to happen. I know it’s all easy for me to say that though. Can you let me know how you get on/when your appointment is? And if you have anything you want to ask/chat about, just give me a shout, I remember how worrisome it can all be x

Hoolahoophop Tue 26-Feb-19 06:29:42

Thank you. That's very kind. I will update.

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FaithFrank Tue 26-Feb-19 06:36:01

My dad had similar. The optician saw something and he was referred on to the hospital eye clinic. The ophthalmologist was not concerned.

Hope yours also turns out to be nothing to worry about.

KingIrving Tue 26-Feb-19 06:38:32

I have Nf1 and one of the characteristic are Lisch nodules, benign growth on the iris which have a dome shape. They are different from eye freckle and mostly only visible with the slit lamp ophthalmologist and optometrist use.

People with NF1 can have many or just a few. However your DH's seems a bit different as you are saying it is large.
Keep us updated.

KingIrving Tue 26-Feb-19 06:40:12

Not Dh, yours, got confused.

AlexaAmbidextra Tue 26-Feb-19 21:48:11

I have pigmentation on both retinae. I’ve had it for years. If ever I’ve visited a new optician they’ve practically danced round the room in panic until I tell them it’s been there a while. Of course it needs to be investigated but it doesn’t have to be cancer.

KingIrving Tue 12-Mar-19 03:12:14

@Hoolahoophop any update?

Hoolahoophop Thu 14-Mar-19 22:54:28

Off to the hospital tomorrow. Only got the letter today, it was for a couple of weeks time but I'm away so the insisted on tomorrow as 'it sounds quite serious and should get seen right away' will let you know how I get on.

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donajimena Thu 14-Mar-19 22:56:38

Good luck. Best get it out of the way.

ItWentInMyEye Thu 14-Mar-19 22:59:20

When I had my last eye test about 3 years ago they saw a freckle on the back of my eye. They said nothing to worry about, they'll keep track at subsequent appointment. X

Cocolepew Thu 14-Mar-19 23:00:24

DH has 1 he also has NF1 and its never been a concern. He gets yearly checks.
Hope all goes well tomorrow.

Kedgeree Thu 14-Mar-19 23:01:14

DS2 has an eye freckle. He had a referral and was given the all clear- he was about 10 at the time. He's 26 now and The optician just makes sure to have a good look at it when he has a check up. He's a redhead, has lots of freckles and naevi, so we think it's just part of his natural pigmentation.
Hope everything works out ok for you.

ALT1975 Fri 15-Mar-19 10:52:46

Hope you are ok!
I had this back in my 20s and was sent to be checked in Liverpool as I was a student there.

I had been for a routine eye test and they picked up ‘something’ which was terrifying at the time.

The results were what they called a birthmark on my retina so nothing to worry about thank goodness.

Hope you get positive results too!

Hoolahoophop Fri 15-Mar-19 16:05:15

Thanks for all the support. I was told it's a difficult position to see which is why it may not have been picked up earlier. However it is very large so they have photographed it and I'll go back in 2-3 months to see if there are any changes.

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BusterGonad Fri 15-Mar-19 16:09:00

Please keep us updated op. Wishing you luck.

Hoolahoophop Sat 04-May-19 18:04:49

Hi, thought I'd update, especially in case anyone finds this searching for news in the future. Doc thinks my freckle is benign. I will need 6 monthly check ups as its fairly huge 8mm by 5.5mm s OK the want to be certain and make sure it doesn't cause other problems. But huge relief that it's not malignant. Thanks for everyones best wishes. smile

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LittleDoritt Sat 04-May-19 18:09:12

Wonderful news!

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