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Just had the most horrible sensation as I was trying to get to sleep

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Pinkchampagne Thu 05-Jul-07 00:11:17

It kind of felt like a physical build up in my head that intensified to a point it felt like my head was going to explode!
My heart was (& still is!) pounding really fast, and I'm now scared to try to sleep again incase it happens again, even though I'm really tired & have work in the morning.

Has anyone experienced anything similar to this? Does it sound like a panic attack?

ProjectIcarus Thu 05-Jul-07 00:12:39

panic attack def.

herbal tea and relaxation exercise might help.

were you brooding? or trying v hard not to?

frapachino Thu 05-Jul-07 00:12:40

Yes I get all manner of weird going to sleep sensations -i'd say you are over tired and it was an adrenalin rush try not to worry.

Pinkchampagne Thu 05-Jul-07 00:12:51

It was really frightening

Carmenere Thu 05-Jul-07 00:13:26

It could well be a panic attack, that was my first thought. Horrible aren't they? Have a cup of cammomile/peppermint tea, it might help.

ProjectIcarus Thu 05-Jul-07 00:13:39

yes. I have had one. V v scary. a bit out of control.

jamDOHnut Thu 05-Jul-07 00:14:13

yes ive had that - i would say stress too

Pinkchampagne Thu 05-Jul-07 00:15:13

I've had a lot on my mind over the last couple of days & have done lots of crying (although today was better than yesterday), so I guess it may be related.
I've had panicky sensations before, but this one was very intense & I thought I was going to throw up.
I feel better now I'm fully awake again.

Pinkchampagne Thu 05-Jul-07 00:17:26

Must try & get back to bed or I'll never get up in the morning, but I'm scared!

totaleclipse Thu 05-Jul-07 00:17:29

I was once woke up paralised, could'nt even open my eyes, it was very scary and lasted about 10 minutes, it was about midnight, I could'nt even shout, I remember trying to move my arm to bang on the wall so dh would hear me(he was watching tv) it was horrible, I actually thought I was dying.

Twinklemegan Thu 05-Jul-07 00:18:51

Oh god, that's that sleep paralysis thing isn't it? It must have been terrifying.

Pinkchampagne Thu 05-Jul-07 00:20:05

How awful, TE, you must have been totally petrified!
These night panics are very frightening aren't they?

totaleclipse Thu 05-Jul-07 00:20:16

Oh never heard of that, so I'm not a freak

jamDOHnut Thu 05-Jul-07 00:21:16

shift workers get it I understand - apparently v scary

Pinkchampagne Thu 05-Jul-07 00:21:49

Didn't know peppermint tea helped. I don't have any, but will get some in for next time!

Pinkchampagne Thu 05-Jul-07 00:22:37

Glad to hear it is kind of normal & not just something wrong with me

Pinkchampagne Thu 05-Jul-07 00:24:33

Going to attempt to sleep again now, although I'm very nervous. Fingers crossed it doesn't happen again!

ProjectIcarus Thu 05-Jul-07 00:44:22

<pats shoulder>

Pinkchampagne Thu 05-Jul-07 07:44:38

Managed to sleep in the end without having another big panic. I had build ups, but kept waking myself up before they came to anything.
I am very tired this morning!

glitterfairy Thu 05-Jul-07 07:51:03

Take care Pc I am having sleep trouble as well at the moment and can really identify with you. Have a good day and get some herbal tea. I woudl drink camomile or fennel myself.

Pinkchampagne Thu 05-Jul-07 20:43:37

Sorry you are having sleep problems, GF. it is horrible isn't it, and you feel so awful when you're tired the following day.

I have had these night panics before, but last nights one was very intense & scary, and you feel like something awful is about to happen to you, even though it only lasts for seconds.

Never been much of a herbal tea drinker, but I will get some in if they help.

Pinkchampagne Fri 06-Jul-07 00:17:00

Keep getting this again, it feels like I'm going to have a heart attack or something, although I know I'm not. I am frightened to try to sleep.

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