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Why do my baby's toenails keep splitting and breaking off?

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bohemianbint Wed 04-Jul-07 15:06:43

has anyone experienced this? It looks like it must be painful for him and it keeps happening! What can I do to stop it?

TootyFrooty Wed 04-Jul-07 15:08:45

It happens to my dses and they are 1.5 and 2.5. My nieces and nephews have it too. I think it's Just One of Those Things.

thehairybabysmum Wed 04-Jul-07 15:23:54

it saves you cutting the tops of his toes off whilst trying to cut them yourself though. I dont think its painful for them, happens to my ds all the time.

bohemianbint Wed 04-Jul-07 15:38:53's quite bad though. FOr example at the moment half of his big toenail has broken and come right off, so he only has half a nail. Looked a bit bleedy as well.

bohemianbint Wed 04-Jul-07 19:20:23


aardvarktwo Wed 04-Jul-07 19:27:53

Is your DS crawling around?

This happened to my three and by the time the third was crawling I had worked out that they caught in the cracks in the floorboards which kept bending them back. Ick. Didn't seem to bother them though.

Nothing I can do about it and their nails get much better when they start walking.

bohemianbint Wed 04-Jul-07 19:31:50

yeesh, I hadn't thought of that. Could well be as well because he won't wear socks. Good to hear it gets better though!

JARM Wed 04-Jul-07 19:32:58

My 2 have this too. Nearly 3 and 21mnths

Think it is one of those things, am sure as they get older the nails will harden

Califrau Wed 04-Jul-07 19:41:43

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

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