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Dental x-ray panic

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mahonia7 Wed 04-Jul-07 13:51:53


My son had one dental x-ray about 5 weeks ago when we visited orthodontist 1.

I was not happy about the way orthodontist 1 was pushing for very expensive private treatment.

Our dentist referred my son to have a second opinion with orthodontist 2. It is a long story but my son had been going to orthodontist 2 until about 18 months ago but we had problems with an appointment so switched to orthodontist 1.

I really do not want orthodontist 2 to know about orthodontist 1 as they can be tricky to deal with.

Would my son be harmed if he has another x-ray with orthodontist 2?

I do have a photocopy of the single x-ray taken 5 weeks ago but would rather not use it. I am sure my son has had more than one x-ray at a time a few years ago but wanted to check what people thought...


merlotmama Wed 04-Jul-07 23:02:53

No idea, mahonia, but bump for you.

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