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chicken long for the spots to go?

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DelGirl Wed 04-Jul-07 07:43:00

dd has woken up with chicken pox. We've been waiting for this for a bout 5 weeks as the neighbours children who she plays with have just had it and children at the nursery. I'm 'pleased' she has it now as she's just 2.

Dosed her with calpol & nurofen as she has a bit of a temp but other than that she's not too bad.

What I want to know is, how long for the spots to come out fully & then disappear? It won't be by the weekend will it?!!!

I have a foreign student coming to stay on Saturday, well maybe not now, just wanted to know so I can speak to the school. Assuming she's had it, she might still come or am I better of cancelling it?

DelGirl Wed 04-Jul-07 07:47:48

suppose what i'm asking is, how long is dd likely to be 'grotty' for?

RedTartanLass Wed 04-Jul-07 08:02:18

From NHS Direct

Chickenpox is most common between the ages of two and eight. You are infectious from about two days before the rash appears until roughly five days after. It takes 10-21 days for the symptoms to show after you have come into contact with the virus. This is called the 'incubation period'.

Think you're going to have to ring the school!!

DelGirl Wed 04-Jul-07 08:12:39

thanks, i'll definitely call the school. Look like all bets are off. Never mind. Just hope dd doesn't get too poorly! I think she's infectious until scabs have formed. hey ho

lemonaid Wed 04-Jul-07 08:14:38

If she doesn't get a bad case she'll probably be feeling OK by Saturday, just will still be spotty infectious. Has the student already had chicken pox?

DelGirl Wed 04-Jul-07 08:19:25

Don't know yet, i'm waiting for the school to open. I would think they will cancel but i'll leave that up to them. dd is very sociable (it's just her and I) and may well be better off with other company around, we'll see. thanks

RedTartanLass Sat 07-Jul-07 00:28:36

How did it go?

RedTartanLass Thu 19-Jul-07 14:56:28


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