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night time wind???

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yellowbean Tue 03-Jul-07 22:49:17

dd2 is 8 months, and is waking frequently during the evening, we think cos she has wind... i go to her pick up etc and sometimes she burps somehimes not. then settles again for a while, till eventually she needs a feed aboiut 11 and then i go to bed with her. and shes fine for rest of night. i give her gripe water which sometimes seems to help. on nights when i can get herto burp before i put her down she seems to sleep better but other nights i just cant get any wind up before she nods off... what can i try to sort this? i need my evenings?... (dd1 was like this too,,,, turned out to be food intolerances)

PrettyCandles Wed 04-Jul-07 07:03:04

I find that if I give my 8mo ds2 a fruit and veg based supper he's more likely to have a lrestless night and will almost definitely poo between 5 and 6am. This doesn't tend to happen if I give him a meat and carbs based supper.

Fennel tea is excellent for wind genereated in the bowels (as opposed to wind gulped down). You could have a sippy cup of it available ot your dd throughout the day, isntead of water.

What does she drink from, especially in the evening? Non-droip cups can lead to wind, as the baby has to suck hard like on a bottle and teat. Similarly, free-flowing cups can also lead to wind, as the liquid may flow too quickly for the baby to cope with and they gulp too much to o fast.

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