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Advice please, dd not well...

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purplepoppet Tue 03-Jul-07 21:52:10

My dd hasn't been well since Sunday, when she was initially very listless, vomiting and had a temperature..

Since then she's improved slightly, but not very much...she won't take any calpol or anything and if I do try to give it to her, she always immediately throws it up! However, I did manage to get her to take some early evening..

I'm going to take her to the dr's tomorrow, but I'm starting to worry a bit as she really doesn't seem to be picking up as quick as I would have expected her too after a general bug.

She's still been very listless and the rims of her eye look very red and water...she has no rash or anything..

When I ask her where it's hurting etc and ask her about various parts of her body, she always say no, i.e., she doesn't have a sore throat etc...but earlier when I asked her if her head hurt she said it did...

I'm starting to worry now that it's something more serious and feel awful that I didn't take her to the doctors today as I thought she just had a bug

Any ideas anyone??

Chattyhan Tue 03-Jul-07 21:52:47

how old is she?

purplepoppet Tue 03-Jul-07 21:53:23

She's nearly 3

moo Tue 03-Jul-07 21:55:25

Is her temperature normal at the moment? Is she sleeping? I would just keep a close eye on her tonight (maybe sleep in her room) and take her to the GP tomorrow as planned. If you feel worried at any time tonight then call the out-of-hours doctor - that's what they are there for . I hope she is better soon - it's horrible when they are so poorly.

purplepoppet Tue 03-Jul-07 21:56:28

She has slept with me since Sunday and I have just put her into my bed now...she's not hot, but seems cool & clammy...but sweaty hair...

Chattyhan Tue 03-Jul-07 21:56:38

my DS is 2.5 and doesn't always respond well when he's ill eg. not really know whats hurting just that something is - so i was thinking symptoms may not be accurate.

I would see gp tomorrow and keep an eye if she deteriorates try NHSdirect for some professional advice xx

castille Tue 03-Jul-07 21:58:20

Sounds like she might be dehydrated. Little ones get dehydrated quickly when they vomit a lot, and the process of converting body fat stores to energy when they aren't eating makes them feel sick again... it's a vicious circle. It can take a few hours on a drip to break the cycle.

Take her to the Dr tomorrow.

purplepoppet Tue 03-Jul-07 22:09:11

Thank you all...I will keep an extra close eye on her during the night...

She has nibbled at food during the day, but not very much...however, she has been drinking quite alot, which is better for her than the food at the moment..

moo Tue 03-Jul-07 22:17:50

It's good that she's drinking - I wouldn't bother about food at all, atm - she'll eat when she's ready. I hope you gets some sleep.

moo Wed 04-Jul-07 20:15:20

How is she today, pp?

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