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Should I go ahead with adonoids removal for DD this Thursday? her hearing has sponateously returned in the last 2 weeks.

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ksm Mon 02-Jul-07 23:52:06


I have registered with mumsnet tonight as I really need advice. My 8 year old daughter is due to have her adonoids removed and grommets inserted on Thursday. She has had 1 previous operation for Grommets insersion when she was 4.5 due to glue ear and 40db hearing loss. she had good hearing all the time they were in (2 years.) her hearing was a little up and down once they fell out but stabilised to good by last Dec. then along comes a severe ear infection (first one ever!) and her hearing goes again. we wait 4 months for it to get better then see her consultant, as she has bad hayfever she is given a nasel spray to use for 1 month then back for another hearing test. no improvement so we are going for the op. Now we feel this is the right decision as she was already beginning to switch off from the hearing world and we were warned if she didn't get her hearing back this would become permenent. BUT we saw the consultant about 4 weeks ago and within the last 2 weeks her hearing has returned. (although she says she still struggles in a noisy atmosphere or in assembly at school) should we go ahead with the op or wait and hope that this is it and she is finally growing out of glue ear (often spontaniously resolves at 7/8). She has always slept with her mouth wide open and sometimes snores. this is still happening. I would appreciate your advice

margoandjerry Tue 03-Jul-07 00:53:19

gosh I don't know at all - sounds a tricky situation but I had this op as a young child (about 5) and it was the end of my persistent tonsilitis so for me it was worth it. My hearing improved too - not only because the glue ear was remedied but also because the tonsilitis always led to ear infections which were damaging the ears. I would say she's been lucky to have got away with only one ear infection.

Also I understand (though I don't remember it) that the op is very quick and simple so I wouldn't worry about putting her through anything too traumatic.

I would just say that if she is snoring and sleeps with her mouth open there is clearly obstruction which is occasionally causing her problems and will probably continue to do so so I think I would go ahead. But that's on the basis of no knowledge other than my own experience of 30 years ago.

Hope you get to hear from someone with more up to date knowledge.

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