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MMR booster jab...Any kids a bit off it afterwards

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grouchyoscar Mon 02-Jul-07 17:36:17

No, not the autisim etc horror stories please. I am wondering if there are any los who have been unwell after the jab. (Fluey, high temp, fatigue etc)

DS is due for his booster on the 13th, we have a day away planned for thr 14th. Pluys it's his 4th birthday (and his uncle's 50th) on the 18th. I was wondering if I am being over cautious to delay it til the week of the 23rd or even the 1st week of August as his Dad's 40th on the 26th

Thanks in advance

bagpuss Mon 02-Jul-07 17:38:02

DD was quite under the weather with it. She had a high temp and was quite tired for about a week.

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