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anyone had/having their child's ears pinned back?

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chopster Mon 02-Jul-07 16:36:52

I had this as a child, and have always be glad of it. I seriously looked like dumbo.

ds1 has been unlucky and got my ears. My mother asked me a few years ago if I was going to get him 'done' and I was not best pleased and had no intentions. However, as he gets older, it is getting worse, and today he came home saying he'd been called big ears at school.

I'm now wondering whether to look into it. I know I was glad of it, and I wonder if as he grows up it will cause him problems. I don't even know if it is still availanble on the nhs.

He has sn anyway, so has enough to contend wiht as it is, so I wonder if I am doing the right thing by not doing somethign about this when it is fixable.

dustystar Mon 02-Jul-07 16:40:49

Have you asked him what he thinks?

cornsilk Mon 02-Jul-07 16:42:22

I knew of a child who had this done about 7 years ago at a school I worked in. She had the op over the summer hols so didn't miss much time off school. Don't know if it's still done tho'.

chopster Mon 02-Jul-07 16:44:10

he is only 5, and emotionally immature. He is self concious tho and likes the idea of nicer ears but not hte idea of hospital!

dustystar Mon 02-Jul-07 16:45:21

Maybe wait until he is a bit older and can understand better.

fairyjay Mon 02-Jul-07 16:49:42

To be honest chopster, if you were glad that your parents had it done for you, I'm surprised that you haven't looked into it for your son.

It's horrible putting them through discomfort, I know, but at least they don't have the sense of apprehension when they're young, and they do as they become older.

chopster Mon 02-Jul-07 16:49:46

mm, it's jsut that I bet there is a long waiting list, and I wouldn't want to wait until he is badly bullied. He is jsut starting to get his confidence, I'd hate to see it get knocked.

chopster Mon 02-Jul-07 16:51:16

fairyjay I honestly didnt think it was going to bother him so much being a boy. I jsut hought of martin clunes!
I've been looking on the net though and there are surveys suggesting that an octoplasty is the most wanted cosmetic op by adult men. I think I will have to at least look into it.

fairyjay Mon 02-Jul-07 16:52:23

Why not make the initial enquiries, and when you have more details, you can make a decision?

RLR Wed 04-Jul-07 09:41:57

yes its still available on the NHS as my friends dd had this done a few months ago, but she had to wait for nearly a year to make sure she was making the decision. and the surgeon said she had to write a him letter to him explaining why she wanted it and what she would gain from it[i didnt see why she had to write letter but she did and got the op]. but with ur son only being 5 then im not sure what steps you with have to take but look into this as all hospitals are different hope you make the dicision. take care.

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