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Half a bottle of wine a night...oh, and then a beer please...

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UnitCounter Mon 02-Jul-07 15:43:02

Hi. Ive been reading the Dependant Drinkers thread and really feel for everyone trying to kick the habit.
I need to cut down - Im worrying about it all day every day and sometimes during the night too.
I go to see friends in the morning and I worry that they can smell last nights wine on my breath.
I have tried pathetically the last two weeks to not drink Mon-Thurs and drink less at the weekend, but its been crap. DH always asks if I want anything and I dont have the strength and resolve to say No. I always say - I will if you are. Pathetic and crap.
I managed 3 nights in a row two weeks ago - not a unit passed my lips and I had such a bag on every evening. It could have been pre-menstrual but I know it wasnt all that.
Is anyone else trying the same stuff right now? Do they need someone to talk to?

FioFio Mon 02-Jul-07 15:45:14

Message withdrawn

FireFaerie Mon 02-Jul-07 15:46:52

Im the same... right down to the excuse....
It is pethetic. I come in from work, DP says 'Ive had a hard day im having a bottle of whisky, shall i get half or do you want to share it?' I then think 'Ive had a hard day too, and im not sitting with him sober whilst he gets merry and then annoys me' etc etc etc... Im starting to think i need to break the chain

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