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mummag Sat 30-Jun-07 15:09:49

I am sure i am not the only one with this problem, but my children seem to never be nit free, since the eldest started school and the middle one playgroup. People advised me not to use a treatment so i have been wet combing on regular basis. But they keep coming back, either i am rubbish at getting rid of them or they keep getting re infested. Some helpful suggestions appreciated, also my new baby cant get them can he, he has hair too!!!

Hassled Sat 30-Jun-07 15:16:49

New baby can get them I'm afraid.
There's nothing for it but constant vigilance - DD had them pretty much constantly for 2 years despite endless combing - eventually the nits got bored and just went away. I'm sure some kids are more prone to them, although can't come up with any logical reason why that would be. DS1 hardly ever had them. I avoided treatments as well but I think there are some less chemically/aggressive ones around at the moment - may be worth checking out.

elasticbandstand Sat 30-Jun-07 15:29:43

have you tried every other day, you get the big ones, but they have laid eggs, which hatch, which lay eggs. so the more you can do it, the better.. that is until they pick them up from someone else!

MummyOnTheEdge Sat 30-Jun-07 15:31:09

Try Hedrin. It has no organo-phosphates or really nasty chemicals in it and smothers them rather than poisons them. You apply it to dry hair and there's no combing. And it's safe to use on babies over 6 months.

A bit more expensive than other treatments but it has worked for us (fingers crossed).

I've also heard good reports of shampoos that reduce the risk of catching headlice once your lo is clear. They are available in most supermarkets.

And good luck!

MaureenMLove Sat 30-Jun-07 15:32:09

Have you checked everyones hair in the house, including yours. Also, though I hate to say it coz its a bit yukky, but anyone with beards too! Not that I'm suggesting that you have a beard you understand!

grouchyoscar Sat 30-Jun-07 15:48:11

I spritz DS with a mix of teatree oil in witch hazel/water every morning before school.

Seems to keep the lousy things away

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