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Suggestion for something nice for mil, whose needing some support!

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Waswondering Fri 29-Jun-07 21:36:37

I am very close to my in laws and have been speaking to them on the phone at least once per day since fil was diagnosed with cancer in March.

Fil is now in the middle of a very intensive chemo and radiotherapy treatment cycle and it's beginning to be a real strain on mil. He's expected to be at home for the next 10 days, then in hospital for perhaps 4 weeks till the end of the planned treatment. Then we wait and see if it's worked!!

I think the next 10 days will be especially hard for mil as she "nurses" fil - once he's in hospital it's easier as his care is devolved.

We are in Aberdeen, they are in NI.

Any suggestions of something I can do to be nice to her? They are between their house and sil's house for treatment so flowers aren't really an option. I feel very far away and not guilty, but conscious that we have summer plans and they don't as everything is on hold.

Suggestions from anyone who has been there would be most appreciated! Thanks, x

Waswondering Fri 29-Jun-07 21:37:50

And excuse the shocking typo in the topic line, "who is" !

dyzzidi Fri 29-Jun-07 21:39:16

Could you get them a supermarket delivery full of extra special quick meals/ readymeals/ chocs wine etc. Stuff she can eat when she gets in from the hospital without fussing. Could put a couple of bootle of wine in there for her.

when you do the shop you could buy her all the weekly/monthy magazines she may like so she has reading material when at the hospital.

moondog Fri 29-Jun-07 21:39:42

Could you organise an online shop?
Get their garden seen to?
Send a hamper of lovely things to them?

What a lovely dil you sound.

i am sure your close contact is more than enough though.

moondog Fri 29-Jun-07 21:40:22

An iPod all primed up with a podcast?

Waswondering Fri 29-Jun-07 21:47:38

They're not really at home for long enough over the next 6 weeks to merit a supermarket shop. The treatment is in Belfast, so they have to travel there from their home.

Thanks, though.

southeastastra Fri 29-Jun-07 21:48:42

take some nice photos of your family

RubyRioja Fri 29-Jun-07 21:49:50

Basket of treats - bubble bath, chocs, book, knitting kit (for waiting), perfume?

sparklesandwine Fri 29-Jun-07 21:49:52

when your fil is a little better and someone else could offer to look after him for the day maybe you could organise for her and one of her friends to go on a spa day to relax

i really hope all goes well for you and you family x

Waswondering Fri 29-Jun-07 21:55:22

Knitting kit and spa . . . hmmmm . . .

We could do a girls day with mil and my 2 sils . . . that would be lots of fun (and leave dh and bil with the children ... I like!)

We skype most days and will send a dvd of pics from our holidays for fil's portable dvd player in hospital, to show any passing visitor his dgc!!!

southeastastra Fri 29-Jun-07 21:56:52

my mil loved a tapestry

RubyRioja Fri 29-Jun-07 21:59:40

printed cross stitch is q portable - counted cross stitch I think would be hard to move around.

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