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9 month old throwing up violently, could food have been too fatty?

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Gemmitygem Fri 29-Jun-07 14:03:19

DS has thrown up a lot.. I rushed home from work, nanny was quite distraught.. he seemed to be very thirsty so we gave him loads of water. no temperature or diarrhoea, and a bit grumbly but not seeming to be really in pain. I gave him a bit of baby rice with breastmilk and banana, which he kept down, then he went to bed ok and seems ok.

He had veg in a white sauce for lunch, do you think it might have been too fatty? was made with butter, cheese, flour and milk (he's had it before but I did put more butter in this time). He also ate two plums, which he had never had before, so wondering if it's that.. what do others think? It's a pity not to give the white sauce thing again as it is very nutritious and he's had it before and seemed fine... any advice gratefully received!

whomovedmychocolate Fri 29-Jun-07 14:07:52

Plums - it'll be the plums. Or just a virus.

Don't stress too much, they feel sick, they vomit, they feel better.

If his temperature is up, give liquid paracetamol and let him sleep it off.

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