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dd1(5) has a rash ,shall i send her to school?

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Beauregard Fri 29-Jun-07 08:22:31

Have no idea what it is!
There is 1 spot on her face which appeared to have a white centre which has now faded,and another red spot.
She has quite a few little spots around her collarbone line and around the back,there are some on her arms also.

Beauregard Fri 29-Jun-07 08:24:36

have googled and can't see anything similar.

brimfull Fri 29-Jun-07 08:26:04

If she's otherwise fine ,and you are pretty sure it's not chicken pox then yes I would still send her.Kids can have rashes with no ill effect,my friends ds quite often has a rash but is fine.

Beauregard Fri 29-Jun-07 08:27:15

no way it could be chickenpox,she had it very very badly earlier this year.
So it will be ok to send her?

brimfull Fri 29-Jun-07 08:34:40

yes i thnk so,if she doesn't have temp or feel unwell

Beauregard Fri 29-Jun-07 08:40:23

thanks will do.

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