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study to discover the causes of breast cancer - participants needed

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geekgrrl Fri 03-Sep-04 06:41:45

Breakthrough Breast Cancer are doing a long-term study into the causes of breast cancer and are needing to enrol over 100,000 women in the UK. The study involves filling in detailed lifestyle questionnaires over the years and giving a blood sample. It sounds like a very worthwhile study - to find out more and to join go to Breakthrough Generations

zubb Fri 03-Sep-04 09:23:52

thanks for the link geekgrrl.

MadameButterfly Fri 03-Sep-04 09:38:23

Thanks for the link. I have requested an info pack

Heathcliffscathy Fri 03-Sep-04 09:50:29

me too. thanks.

ebbie22 Fri 03-Sep-04 09:57:02


Dingle Fri 03-Sep-04 10:34:49

Just requested a pack, anything for a good cause.
Thanks geekgrrl.

acnebride Fri 03-Sep-04 11:59:33

me too thanks

Galaxy Fri 03-Sep-04 12:04:43

message withdrawn

Hulababy Fri 03-Sep-04 12:07:02

Thank you. I have also requested information.

libb Fri 03-Sep-04 12:09:19

I asked for mine last night and meant to mention it on here! Thanks geekgrrl.

I have a horrible feeling I might've applied for two so will try and get one of my neighbours to do one if both arrive!

Tommy Fri 03-Sep-04 12:54:08

me too - thanks for drawing it to attention!

Branster Fri 03-Sep-04 13:26:09

Thank you so much for the link geekgrrl! I heard about this yesterday on radio 4 and was going to look it up on the internet as I am really keen to take part.

bunny2 Fri 03-Sep-04 17:01:46

me too, thanks

moomina Fri 03-Sep-04 17:04:12

me too. thanks for the link

MUMINAMILLION Fri 03-Sep-04 17:06:53

And me. Sounds really interesting. Thanks.

whizzz Fri 03-Sep-04 17:11:34

Yup - I've requested a pack too - Thanks Geekgrrl. I good way to get to know about these things.

Goldfish Fri 03-Sep-04 17:41:37

Saw this in the paper yesterday and I have requested a pack. It said in todays paper 10,000 women requested info yesterday so they still need 90,000 more.

PuffTheMagicDragon Tue 05-Oct-04 19:13:06

Just bumping this thread started by geekgrrl. I received my info pack today and am definitely participating.

Thanks for starting this thread, I feel like I'm doing something worthwhile by getting involved.

Dingle Tue 05-Oct-04 19:14:48

Has anyone else got theirs yet? I thought they didn't want me as I haven't heard anything yet!

tiptop Tue 05-Oct-04 19:26:37

Thanks, geekgrrl. I've asked for an info pack, too.

charliecatthenonsmoker Tue 05-Oct-04 19:36:44

I did it when Geekgirl first suggested it and I havent recieved any thing Dingle so your not alone.

Lisa78 Tue 05-Oct-04 19:40:30

me either

zebra Tue 05-Oct-04 19:41:46

me neither.

Goldfish Tue 05-Oct-04 19:42:43

Nor me

zubb Tue 05-Oct-04 19:54:39

nor me - had forgotten about it actually.

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