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glue ear and grommets

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divastrop Wed 27-Jun-07 20:37:03

anybody dc had these?

my ds2 saw the ENT consultant this morning and he confirmed what i'd suspected,that ds2 has glue ear and some degree of hearing loss as a result.he has had speech problems since the age of 2 and was reffered to speech therapist by the nursery when he started.

he will be 4 next month,and is starting infants in september.

the consultant recommended grommets and a possible adenoidectomy as,and ds2 has been booked in for surgery on july 20th.

i am worried as i dont know much about this,and hoe risky it is etc.

if anybody can offer advise/experiences i'd be most greatful.

northender Wed 27-Jun-07 20:40:53

No advice but interested in thread as well as ds has some hearing loss due to glue ear. Apparently it's at the very bottom end of normal and borderline for surgery so they keep saying wait another 6 months and see if he improves. He's 5 by the way. Found a good thread in the archive on this so will try to link to it.

ronshar Wed 27-Jun-07 20:43:58

Hello, my dd1 had exactly the same thing at that age now 7. She had adenoidectomy and gromets when she was 4. Absolutely no problems in hospital at 8am home by 5pm. No bleeding or post op problems. The only hiccup was that when she came round post op she screamed the whole theatre down. The nurse cam to get me because they couldnt control her! Poor thing woke with a fright. She doesnt remember it now.
Had to have gromits repeated 12months later but no hearing loss now and discharged from consultant last November.

DrNortherner Wed 27-Jun-07 20:44:19

Hi Diva. My ds is now 5 abnd he had grommets put in both ears at 2.5 because of glue ear. The OP itself was afr more traumatic for than him I think. The General Anasthtic is awful, watching your abbay being put to sleep and being wheeled away

He recoverd so quickly, woke up demanding food . He had his op early in teh morning and was home at about 4pm. A bit groggy but nothing else.

The grommets cleared up 1 ear, he still had problems with the other, which thnkfully have now stopped as he has got older.

He will be fine

Have you tried cutting out dairy and have you done the 6 week ab's course using ear drops not oral medicine??

DrNortherner Wed 27-Jun-07 20:44:59

Meant to say my ds had hearing loss at teh time, but now it is fine.

divastrop Wed 27-Jun-07 20:45:02

thanks.i dont know exactly how bad ds2's hearing is but i wasnt given the option of waiting for it to clear up on its own,just grommets or hearing aids.his speech is pretty delayed as well.

divastrop Wed 27-Jun-07 20:47:39

x posts there.i tried cutting out dairy when he was 2-3 and getting recurrant ear infections,but it made no difference then.

the consultant didnt say anything about ab's,he just said it looks like ds has had this for quite some time.

DrNortherner Wed 27-Jun-07 20:48:40

Yes the dairy made no difference to my ds either. He then did teh intensive antib's which again had no effect. Then grommets. Maybe it was because my ds was only 2?

boomie Wed 27-Jun-07 20:50:38

No advice I'm afraid but just wanted to let you know we are going through similar. DD2 (aged 5) went to docs yesterday as she has been suffering a lot with ear infections and pain in her ear. Doc looked in her ear and siad there was a lot of fluid and thought it was glue ear. He has referred her to the ENT consultant. We are waiting now for the appt. It's all a bit scary for us at the moment as we're not sure what will happen next but Good Luck to you and your DS.

northender Wed 27-Jun-07 20:51:16

This is the one

Crocky Wed 27-Jun-07 21:09:22

DS had grommets as well as tonsils and adenoids out when he was two.
I was asked to go into the operating room with while he went to sleep. The nurses were fantastic. They blew him bubbles and made balloons with gloves.
It was far worse for me than him. I fell apart completely when they put him under.
He was fine after the op and I took him home the same evening.

divastrop Wed 27-Jun-07 21:15:42

thanks everybody,and thanks for the link northender.

i had no idea ds2's behavioural problems were down to him not being able to hear properly untill he had a hearing test a couple of months ago,but reading that other thread it seems that the problems he has are quite common.

i hope it works for him.

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